Relics of Old

Let’s talk about how to introduce relics in your campaigns, and give you the mighty Kloinjer as an example.

300 and counting

This is our 300th post, and such a milestone deserves a very special article with a glimpse to the past, present and future.

Soul in the Machine

Converting Vision into a D&D character has a challenge rating that proved to be too high for our team.

Lady in Red

Turning the Scarlet Witch into a D&D character is a challenge in more ways than one. That won’t stop us from trying, of course.

¿Qué pasó en Hanweir?

Después de la derrota de un grupo de aventureros, investigadores del Argentum encuentran un extraño diario.

Zanjando Zagoth

Bienvenido a las selvas llenas de nenúfares y húmedos pantanosos de Zagoth.