Brave the unknown

Based in El Dorado, Orazca is an example of a location being a McGuffin.

Rising from the Last War

Amazon leaks the very first details about “Rising from the Last War”, the new Eberron hardcover.

Tronos, Tiranías y Raptores

Este año, la Comic Con nos ha traído varias novedades desde los stands relacionados a nuestros juegos favoritos.

The Cat Among the Pigeons

In this second article about Movers and Shakers, I’ll introduce Ravnican Apocalypse in the making.

All Souls

In the first of two articles, we’ll discuss the villains of my campaigns. Let’s welcome the Roosters and the Owls.

Vision & Evolution

The Simic Combine is ideal for artificers and wizards for the Ravnica and D&D crossover.

Belief & People

The Selesnya Conclave is ideal for druids and rangers for the Ravnica and D&D crossover.

Chaos & Carnage

The Cult of Rakdos is ideal for barbarians, bards, fighters and warlocks in the Ravnica and D&D crossover.