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AtoZ2019GGarruk Wildspeaker is a Planeswalker who wields green magic. His specialty is creature magic: spells that coax abundant mana from the land, summon wild beasts, and unleash the ferocity and power of his summoned creatures. But since being cursed by the Chain Veil, his nature spells have been tainted by black magic.

«The predator knows the true way of the world. Life is conflict. Only the strong survive.»

Garruk has always been a skilled hunter, and his calling has been a plane-spanning hunt for the hugest and most powerful creatures in the Multiverse. But now his chosen quarry is a fellow Planeswalker: the death-witch Liliana Vess. At their last meeting, Liliana used the power of the Chain Veil artifact to curse Garruk, corrupting his power to summon wild beasts. As the curse takes hold and Garruk’s fierce predator-companions become sickly fiends, he finds that he’s gaining new, chilling powers of death. This only enrages him more.

Liliana still carries the Chain Veil, and Garruk won’t stop until he’s cured of his intolerable death-tainted state. After failing to corner and defeat Liliana Vess on Innistrad, Garruk was captured by a commander of the Gavony Riders named Odric. Accused of a crime he did not commit, Garruk became enraged and escaped his captors. The Curse of the Veil had taken hold.

Now, Garruk continues his search not just for Liliana, but all Planeswalkers. The curse transforms him into a creature more unrecognizable with every kill. He embraces his newfound darkness and considers every Planeswalker to be his prey.

In Dungeons & Dragons

Garruk’s magic is all about summoning the spirits of the beasts he has hunted previously. As an additional rule for him, he can only summon creatures he has hunted. When becoming cursed through the Chain Veil, though, his summoned creatures were imbued with necromancy. At first it may have been scary, but then Garruk embraced the additional abilities of those spirits.

Warped Summoning

Whenever you cast Conjure Animals, you summon undead spirits in the form of zombies instead of fey ones. The summoned beasts also gain the Undead Fortitude trait and immunity to poison.

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