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AtoZ2019HHuatli is a human planeswalker from Ixalan who has a special connection to her dinosaurs, being able to communicate with them via scent-memories. Driven by her visions of other worlds, she seeks to find Orazca to unlock its power.

«There are moments when I feel I could fly like the sunwing. Far away I would soar, but always a golden gale pushes me back.»

Huatli was raised in the Sun Empire. Thanks to her martial skill and talent as an orator, she rose to a station just short of nobility. The course of her life changed during one such raid, when she confronted a terrifying beast—the minotaur pirate Angrath the Flame-Chained. An incredibly powerful foe, he pressed her to the limit of her abilities. At the moment of her greatest desperation her planeswalker spark ignited. She saw a glimpse of a faraway place, but was suddenly yanked back to where she began. Inexplicably, Angrath failed to press his advantage and instead withdrew, leaving her to contemplate her experience. Under instruction from her Emperor, Huatli adventures to locate the Golden City and secure her title as Warrior-Poet of the Sun Empire.

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Huatli’s talent is related to both her martial skills and ratory performance. By strict interpretation of the classes focus, she shoukd be a fighter/ranger and bard. Adding her special link to dinosaurs, we’re leaning to choose ranger instead of fighter, so the detail that is still missing is the dinosaur factor. In many aspects, it’s almost an echo of the Beast Master ranger archetype.

Dinosaur Knight
Requirement: Ranger with Beast Master archetype

Your beast companion can be a dinosaur no larger than Large and with a challenge rating of 2 or less. You add only half of your proficiency bonus to the beast’s AC, attack rolls, damage rolls and any saving throws and skills it is proficient with.

Additionally to allow you to pick this feat, you can ask your DM to allow a «baby» version of a dinosaur to be your companion in order to fulfill the challenge rating and size requirements. For example, a «baby» Triceratopswould have only 50 hit points (5d12+15) and an attack bonus of +6. It would deal 2d8+6 with its Gore attack and 1d10+6 with its Stomp attack.

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