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AtoZ2019IGideon Jura, born Kytheon Iora, is a hieromancer and planeswalker beholden to the multiplanar coalition known as the Gatewatch. His distinctive weapon, the sural, consists of multiple whip-like blades anchored to the exterior of an armguard.

«‘Invincible’ is just a word.»

Fiercely loyal, unyielding, just, and charismatic, Gideon Jura (known as «Kytheon Iora» on his home plane of Theros) doesn’t hesitate to enter combat to defend the innocent. A powerful warrior-mage with the ability to make himself invulnerable, he wields a four-bladed surral and hieromancy magic against his foes. A man of the people, he takes pride in leading his comrades towards the common good.

Though he is now one of the foremost warriors in the multiverse, Gideon came from humble beginnings, leading a gang of street kids struggling to make a living. Imprisoned by the local guards, he honed his leadership, self-discipline, weapon use, and hieromancy under the watchful eye of the prison warden, Hixus. His newfound strength was put to the test while defending his city. But when he tried to overstep his abilities, he unintentionally doomed the rest of his soldiers. The impact of his failure to protect his own comrades ignited his Planeswalker spark, and he found himself on a new plane, able to begin atoning for his past by dedicating himself to protecting the denizens of the Multiverse from planar threats.

His quest has lead him the planes of Alara, Ravnica, and Zendikar, where he’s encountered powerful Planeswalker allies including the telepath Jace and the pyromancer Chandra, as well as strange, otherworldly foes…

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Analyze. Adapt. Craft a response. Gain control. This is the ethos of hieromancy, the brand of «law magic» practiced by the Planeswalker Gideon Jura. As a fighter, we wanted Gideon to get access to this protective abilities, so we thought of a Fighting Style which is empowered by magic via a feat similar to Magic Initiate, but granting Stoneskin, a 4th-level spell.

Constitution 13 or higher

As you know how to tap into the quintessential hieromancy protection spell, you gain the following benefits:

  • You know how to turn your skin into stone, making you extremely resistant to physical damage. You can use an action to gain the benefits of the stoneskin spell without needing any components and only targeting yourself. You still need to succeed in a Concentration check in order to keep the effect considering the damage as it was dealt before reducing it because of this effect. You can’t take any Attack action during this effect and your speed is reduced to 10 feet. Also, any non-magical source that makes you roll a Strength or Constitution saving throw has no effects on a success.
  • You can choose Hieromantic Defense as a fighting style.

Hieromantic Defense
Fighting Style

You can activate the benefits of the Hieromancy feat as a bonus action. If you also have the Defense Fighting Style, you can activate it as a reaction.

This was a hard one, and as it is I’m not entirely convinced is balanced enough, even more so considering stoneskin is a 4th-level spell. What do you think?

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  1. Atherton dice:

    Hello, fellow A-to-Zer! Um. Though I know a bit about D&D, and a bit about Magic: The Gathering (which I am assuming this character comes from), I do not know enough about either to adequately comment. However! I like your site, and I thought this was an interesting article! And the images are splendid, especially that stained-glass-looking one.

  2. juanrusso dice:

    I am not sure about the definition of hieromancy.

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