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AtoZ2019VVivien Reid, named the Queen of Ghosts on Ixalan, is a green aligned shamanic human planeswalker.

«Nicol Bolas destroyed my world. I owe it to Skalla to celebrate all life, no matter how dangerous.»

Vivien was born on the plane of Skalla. Her homeworld was deeply divided between the forest dwellers and the Nura, an advanced civilization that encircled the dwindling woodlands. Vivien belonged to the Smaragdi, rangers and druids sworn to protect the multitude of forest creatures. But civilization was constantly encroaching, and the Smaragdi were fighting a losing battle against the soldiers of progress.

Nicol Bolas took an interest in the Nura and their innovations, and though its archmages tried in vain to fight back, they were no match for the ruthless dragon. After plundering them for their secrets, Bolas decided the plane was of no more use to him and began to destroy it. In desperation, the Nura fled to the forest, but by then, there was no safe place to hide. Sensing that their doom was imminent, the Nura and Smaragdi combined their collective magic into a unique artifact, the Arkbow, which contained an invocation of every creature that ever lived on Skalla. Their plan was to use the Arkbow in a last stand battle against Nicol Bolas. But as the forest erupted into flames and the battle was lost, Vivien instinctively planeswalked to safety with the Arkbow, the last relic of Skalla.

In her early days as a Planeswalker, Vivien struggled to understand the Arkbow, which seemed to have a life of its own. At first, the creatures called through the bow were weakly incorporeal–ferocious but dim, ghostly versions of themselves. But as Vivien traveled to new planes, encountered new creatures, and added them to her menagerie, the Arkbow grew in power. Soon she could call the magical spirit forms of creatures from myriad planes, beasts greater than anything that had ever lived on Skalla.

Now an experienced interplanar wanderer, Vivien has a new mission: destroy the cancer of civilization. Skalla’s fate solidified her belief that either you stand with her-or you are her enemy. She wields a weapon of immense predatory power that intensifies with each passing day. One day soon-against the perfect enemy-she will unleash its awesome power and restore the natural order to the Multiverse.

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Created by the Nura and the Smaragdi before their world was lost, the Arkbow allows its user to summon beasts’ spirits into battle by firing arrows at their foes.

The Arkbow
Weapon (longbow), Artifact (requires attunement)

The Arkbow can imprint a dying creature, transforming its memory into a spirit of the animal in its prime. The ritual involves tapping the Arkbow three times against the floor, resulting in a intense white light surrounding the caster. After a fourth tap, the artifact opens into metallic bark and branch, flowering at intervals. After it splits down, the jag of light absorbs the spirit of the dying animal.

  • Magic Weapon. The Arkbow is a magic weapon that grants a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. Any arrow fired with the Arkbow is treated as an Arrow of Slaying for any creature absorbed using the Feral Spirits feature of this artifact (see below). This works for specific creatures, not as for their type. For example, if you use Feral Spirits to absorb a lion, any arrow used with the Arkbow will become one of lion slaying, not one of beast slaying.
  • Feral Spirits. After a creature is dealt a critical hit or is dealt the killing hit using the Arkbow, you can use an action to absorb that creature’s essence for later summoning it. Only beasts, elementals, fey and plants can be absorbed by the Arkbow. Other types of creatures can be absorbed, but not summoned back, gaining no benefit whatsoever from doing so (see Destroying the Arkbow, below)
  • Feral Summoning. As an action, you can fire and arrow from the Arkbow, actually casting Conjure Animals, but using the range of the Arkbow and no components, summoning the spirit of one of the creatures that have been absorbed using the Arkbow. The DM may apply different stats from the original creature to reflect its spirit nature.
  • Other properties. The Arkbow has the following random properties: 1 minor and 1 major beneficial properties and 1 minor and 1 major detrimental properties.
  • Destroying the Arkbow. This artifact can only be destroyed by trying to absorb an Aberration, Construct, Fiend, Monstrosity, Ooze and Undead. Once the Arkbow holds one of each of those types of creature, it can be destroyed by willingly breaking it in two with bare hands with a DC 17 Strength check attempted exactly at dawn on a summer solstice or at sunset on a winter solstice.


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