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AtoZ2019XXenagos is a satyr planeswalker aligned with red and green magic. He is the lord of Skola Valley and is known at large as «King Stranger».

«Why pray to the gods, who feed on your worship? Dissolve your illusions and see the true nature of things.»

Xenagos  is renowned for his satyr charisma and ability to whip revelers into a frenzy. For the satyrs of the Skola Valley on Theros, pleasure, revelry, and mischief are virtues of the highest regard. Xenagos is the epitome of these ideals.

While he does not rule the satyrs, Xenagos savors his role as de facto revelry host. When his Planeswalker spark ignited, he was excited to bring his boisterous, carefree hedonism to distant planes. His goal was to discover all the pleasures of the Multiverse … but what he found instead was disillusionment.

On Theros, his gods were real, but elsewhere, they held no influence. This began to gnaw at Xenagos, who ultimately returned to his home plane. While he tried to throw himself back into the revelries, they no longer gave him the same level of amusement. The natural order of things on Theros has become a farce to Xenagos, and he refuses to play the fool. Where once Xenagos lived only for the moment, his newfound awareness of the Multiverse has ruined his ability to lose himself in the bedlam of satyr festivities.

However, he refuses to succumb to listlessness, and just as he has been known to push revelries a few steps too far, Xenagos is now working a plan to elevate himself from mortal to god.

In Dungeons & Dragons

If you try to think of what class may be more related to noisy partying or merrymaking, the bard will pop into the conversation very quickly. Masters of art and entertainment, they are what every celebration needs, and turning a regular bonfire into a full-blown bacchanalia requires talent. In order to celebrate as it is due, some bards have fine-tuned their abilities to make risky situations memorable and more prone to victory.

College of Revelry
Bard College

  • Gambling Revelry. When you join the College of Revelry at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with all gaming sets mentioned in the Player’s Handbook (dice, Dragonchess, playing cards and Three-Dragon Ante). Additionally, you have advantage on saving throws against alcohol poisoning.
  • Fortuitous Revelry. Starting at 6th level, you gain the benefits of the «Lucky» feat (see Player’s Handbook, p.167). If you have the feat already, or you choose it afterwards, you can use an additional luck point in order to reroll the die you just did when using one. You can choose the result among the original result or any of your re-rolls.
  • Victorious Revelry. Starting at 14th level, you can use a reaction and spend a luck point and one use of Bardic Inspiration along with a creature using an already-gotten Bardic Inspiration die to get the results of a natural 20 instead of adding the dice. If more than one creature spends a luck point to influence the outcome of that roll, no benefits altogether are gained and the result must be taken as it was originally rolled.

Does your campaign have a god similar to Bachus? How do their clerics and followers pay homage to their deity? Tell us all in the comments!

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