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RPGBlogCarnivalLogoSmallI hosted September’s RPG Blog Carnival with the topic of magic items in all their glory. As is the tradition, once the month finishes, the host takes a look at all the participant entries and summarizes them in a new entry as a celebration to their creativity. I also added some links to useful resources linked to this topic (mainly to make up for the los participation, hehe). Without further ado, here we go!

The New Participants

Brent Jans, part of the very ecclectic group behind The Rat Hole was the first to join with an article giving tips on how to design a magic item by request. He did so as he created some items for his Extra Life campaign and the requested relic needed to be a weapon useful against a vampire, but couldn’t use sunlight in any way. Go visit his entry to see the result!

On the other hand, Temmogen from the Library of Lost Legends brought an article about three powerful sigils known as the Trilogy of Shades. I really enjoyed his description and I want to know more about the adventurers brave enough to explore such place while looking for these runes!

I asked my good friend and favorite YouTuber the Dungeon Coach to participate, but his schedule was already packed for September as he has got his first level as real-world daddy. He told me his ideas about magic items haven’t evolved much yet, so I could used a previous video of him about sentient magic item creation. Here it is:

A lucky coincidence made Merric, from Merric’s Musings, write an article about destroying the players’ magic items, and since it was so fitting to this month’s topic, I decided to include it here. Also, with the release of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, the guys at Nerarchy ran an entry with ten new magic items from that adventure.

On my side, I promised a 5e take on Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth and a way to introduce holy relics to your campaign, using the famous Kloinjer from the Eberron campaign setting as an example.

The Usual Sources

You can always find something related to whatever you need for your campaigns at DnDSpeak, and this relic topic was no exception: they already had a list with 100 Magical Items With Sentimental Origins and one with 100 Interesting Trinkets And Minor Magic Items.

gT9ippHOFinally, no article about magic items for 5e can be complete without mentioning the absolutely fabulous Griffon’s Saddlebag, whose Patreon will provide with a hoard full of them each one with handy mechanics, amazing art and immersive descriptions. Go check it out!


And now that September is officially gone and it’s time for some pumpkin spice lattes, you need to check out the new topic for October’s RPB Blog Carnival, hosted by Scot at Of Dice and Dragons: «the Bazaar of the Bizarre«. I guess it’s time here at Codex Anathema to go back to Constantinople, except for the fact that we can’t go back to Constantinople as it’s Istanbul now.

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