Z is for Zuran Orb


alphabet (z)Zur, known as Zur the Enchanter or as Zur the Mad, was a powerful wizard during the Dominarian Ice Age. He was a rival of the famous Gerda Äagesdotter, the archmage of the School of the Unseen. A former Kjeldoran, Zur was exiled for his insane attempts to achieve eternal life. He later assembled a formidable array of mages and soldiers and attacked his former homeland. His efforts were thwarted however, in part by the ancient mage Jodah.

“I will go to any length to achieve my goal. Eternal life is worth any sacrifice.”

—Zur the Enchanter

During his quest for eternal life, Zur ventured deep into the tundra and disappeared. From then on, he deliberately avoided taking a hand in the events of later years, remaining aloof from the casting of the World Spell or the plots of the Cult of Rimewind. Most people thought he died, although some of his followers claimed he attained immortality deep in the frozen wastes.

As the glaciers receded and the waters rose, Zur’s followers fled inland to Kjeld. The Kjeldorans never expected Zur himself to stoop so low as to ask them for help, but were surprised when Zur’s followers begrudgingly did. Darien welcomed them with many other refugees and they would be part of the founding citizens of New Argive.

Zuran Orb (2)In Dungeons & Dragons

One of the limits to arcane magic in D&D is the access to healing magic, which seems to be an exclusive to divine magic. With very few exceptions along the editions of the game, it’s no wonder why so many arcanists decide to research lichdom in order to achieve longevity or immortality. Zur was obsessed with the idea too… and that’ where his invention comes in. In MtG lands provide the energy to cast spells: in that, they are similar to spell slots in D&D. The artifacts allows you to exchange the ability to power your spells with some life, and that’s what we’ll create.

Zuran Orb
Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster who is not undead or a construct)

While attuned to the orb, you can expend a spell slot to regain hit points equal to 1d6 per level of the slot used.


There is one way in Eberron to heal with magic that doesn’t involve divine magic: the Mark of Healing, from House Jorasco. In Eberron, the Zuran Orb is actually a dragonmarked focus item that requires such a dragonmark to attune to.


How are you planning to incorporate a Zuran Orb in your campaign? Is the way your wizard saves the party in case of emergency, or the way the evil mastermind complicates things in an encounter for you?

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