Curious Goods

Do you remember that late 80s TV show about cursed antiquities? You can find them in the Bazaar of the Bizarre.

¿Quién lo hizo?

Celebremos el aniversario del nacimiento de Agatha Christie con algunas ideas para D&D.

Whose relic is it anyway?

Every adventure holds the promise of finding one or more magic items. Tell us your stories about them.

Fire on the sky!

Want a fight while moving not on solid ground? Come aboard a Lyrandar Airship!

Why do you travel?

Travel is one of the three pillars of D&D and the topic for May’s RPG Blog Carnival.

Come where may

Here are the participants of April’s RPG Blog Carnival.

Z is for Zendikar

What can we find in Zendikar that we can use in our D&D campaign? Versatile magic linked to an awaken world.