Wonder Warrior

As Wonder Woman 1984 release date gets closer, no better time to see her converted to a D&D character.

From Russia with Love

As we wait to see Natasha Romanoff’s quests before Infinity War, we can still bring her to the D&D multiverse.

The Pratt Siblings

This is how we celebrate Father’s Day and Chris Pratt’s birthday in Codex Anathema.

Y is for Ysgard

What can we find in Ysgard that we can use in our D&D campaign? The mythic Mjolnir, of course.

The Lord in Our Stars

Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, comes from the distant corners of the galaxy to your local gaming table.

Heavy Metal

Celebrate Marvel’s 80th Anniversary getting ready for a different breed of heavy metal hero.

Vision & Evolution

The Simic Combine is ideal for artificers and wizards for the Ravnica and D&D crossover.

Belief & People

The Selesnya Conclave is ideal for druids and rangers for the Ravnica and D&D crossover.

Chaos & Carnage

The Cult of Rakdos is ideal for barbarians, bards, fighters and warlocks in the Ravnica and D&D crossover.

Z is for Ral Zarek

Guarding secrets from the Izzet guild, Ral Zarek commands the storm with pure sheer ingenuity.