Casas y Marcas

Lo menos que tienes que saber sobre las Casas Marcadas de Eberron está aquí.

Nueve, Seis y Uno

¿Qué sabes de Los Nueve, Los Seis y El Uno? Las respuestas sobre el Anfitrión Soberano te esperan.

The Artificer’s Apprentice

Artificers in Eberron draw power from the magic inside objects, changing the flow of energy to make items temporarily magical.

House of Marks

The magical symbols known as dragonmarks look like tattoos, but they glow vibrantly with innate magic.

Chasing Ruty

Do you know what Ruty Rutenberg likes about Eberron? You’re about to!

Apocalypse, then

In the 100th year of the conflict, a great cataclysm of unknown origin destroyed the nation of Cyre, ending the war in the worst possible way.

War of Thrones

The Last War, a conflict that raged for over a century, radically changed Eberron.