Jace Beleren

Brilliant, curious, and always in control, Jace is a master of mental magic: spells of illusion, deception, and mind reading. And now, he is also a D&D character for 5e.

Why do I love you?

Why do I love RPGs? Becasue they have many rules, but they encourage you to bend them.

13 Reasons Why

Almost fourteen years ago, I put my hands for the first time on the just published Eberron Campaign Setting.

Disyuncionando a Mordenkainen

¿Quién querrá comprar el nuevo título de Wizards para D&D? ¿Quién debería pensarlo dos veces? He aquí las respuestas.

Conoce a tu enemigo

Mordenkainen y su vasto conocimiento sobre sus enemigos llegan a tu biblioteca.

Master Strange

What if the Sorcerer Supreme, Primary Protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats, would be a D&D character?

X is for “Xorn”

Metal-eaters from the Elemental Plane of Earth, xorn are actually peaceful creatures.