12 (+1) Days of Eberron

Join us and celebrate as “Eberron: Rising from the Last War” and “Exploring Eberron” get published.

Unearthing subclasses

Is there a new Guide to Everything on the works at Wizards? New content in Unearthed Arcana makes us think so.

Hour of Devastation

The Eternals are elite soldiers with all the skill and prowess of living soldiers and few of the disadvantages of being undead.

Extraordinary Journeys

Ray Bradbury said once “We are all the children of Jules Verne”. Eberron adventurers are about to join the club.

For the Throne!

Meet the Kenriths as they embark in a quest to rescue their father, the King of Eldraine, a magical land full of knights and mischievous dangers.

Todas las Almas

Los Gallos cantan al amanecer con la esperanza de despertar el corral, pero los Búhos saben que es todavía tarde en la noche.

Et in Arcadia Ego

These are the entries that the participants for August’s RPG Blog Carnival left for us to share.

Heavy Metal

Celebrate Marvel’s 80th Anniversary getting ready for a different breed of heavy metal hero.

Brave the unknown

Based in El Dorado, Orazca is an example of a location being a McGuffin.

Rising from the Last War

Amazon leaks the very first details about “Rising from the Last War”, the new Eberron hardcover.