F is for Fiora

What can we find in Fiora that we can use in our D&D campaign? A way for the king to RULE.

Keys to the Kingdom

The magical door openers from Locke & Key make their way to Eberron as powerful artifacts.

V is for Vivien

Vivien took her time into understanding the Arkbow, which seemed to have a life of its own. That sounds like an artifact to us!

L is for Liliana

Liliana Vess is the only being in recent history able to handle the power iof the Chain Veil.

E is for Elspeth

Elspeth Tirel builds and inspires mighty armies while wielding the powerful Godsend.

Just a little sip of love

Enjoy Codex Anathema’s first Holiday Giveaway! Celebrating Valentine’s, nothing better than a love potion!