The Party

You might have wondered who is behind the screen here at Codex Anathema, and this is the place to find out. Roll your Investigate check with advantage.

Your DM likes thisDM Darastrix: Gonzalo Campoverde

Our founder learned about roleplaying games after chatting in some X-Files forum. Someone there mentioned a game that would allow you to investigate paranormal phenomena. Gonz did a little research and found out about the plans for something called “Dark Matter” for the Alternity game, just released by TSR. As fate would have it, when Wizards of the Coast bought TSR and started planning D&D 3rd Edition, he started working as Organized Play Manager for the official local distributor of that company in Peru, Game Zone, where he could put his hands in a review copy of the Player’s Handbook almost before anyone else. The rest is history.

  • Played D&D for the first time: 1999
  • Favorite setting: Eberron
  • Real-life job: EFL Teacher
  • D&D class: Gnome artificer, or wizard