A Three-Headed Gorgon


The Day of the Mourning marked the lives of all citizens in Khorvaire to some extent, but it was House Cannith, whose one of its main laboratories is believed to have started the cataclysm, the most affected Dragonmarked House. Along with the misfortune, in which it lost its patriarch and heir-successor, post-war measures taken by the Treaty of Thronehold have plunged it into an internal conflict like never before.

After the death of Starrin d’Cannith and his son on that fateful day, the Council of Elders has dedicated itself to interpret his personality and will to choose a new patriarch. However, it is difficult for them to reach a decision, because the candidates differ precisely in the characteristics they should meet to be elected. House Cannithis seeing itself divided into three factions in all but the formal aspects: West, East and South, each in charge of one of the most suitable candidates in the region, and each of them directing it according to their designs. The Council of Elders has determined that by the end of the year 999 YK, they will evaluate the achievements of each one separately and thus will appoint the new Baron of House Cannith.
Each candidate pursues his and her own agenda and espionage and counter-espionage are at the order of the day. That’s why the disappearance of Merrix d’Cannith, grandson of the genius creator of the warforged during the Last War and responsible for Cannith South, arouses suspicions of the other branches and the whole khorvairian society. Theories and conspiracies abound, without any being taken seriously because of the lack of evidence. Cannith South Headquarters in the Dragon Towers of Sharn are an impregnable fortress in which some agents interested in discovering the truth will meet. The mystery will not be easy to solve, as many organizations have conflicting interests in it.

House Cannith East

Under the leadership of Zorlan d’Cannith, the Eastern branch of House Cannith has managed to increase its status in Karrnath, although it has itself been influenced by the martial traditions of Rekkenmark, with whom according to rumors, maintains a Treaty of mutual arming and training. While Zorlan’s personal projects are known to a few, almost everyone working at Cannith East suspects that it is no coincidence that the establishment of Zorlan’s headquarters is in a nation that used undead during the war.

House Cannith West

Controlled by Jorlanna d’Cannith, the Western headquarters of the House has taken a much more diplomatic course. Keeping close at the same time to both The Twelve and the Arcane Congress academies makes it clear (to those who believe in these matters) that Jorlanna is the most likely to become Baron, if not for her indiscretions when she was young. The disappearance of her opponent has caused the paranoia to spark inside her branch, so she has decided to send his own agents to investigate what happened.

House Cannith South

Undoubtedly, the most disconcerted with the disappearance of Merrix are his own people. Everyone else believe they know the truth and they are letting them believe so. However, not knowing what happened directly affects them, because they can not decide if their leader has disappeared voluntarily or if he needs to be found or even rescued from hostile forces. What’s worse, no one seems to know exactly what Merrix was doing at the Sharn Creation Forge closed a few years ago.
And House Cannith is not the only one investigating…

The Sovereign Host and the Church of the Silver Flame

When he first received a personal letter from Merrix d’Cannith on theological questions, High Cleric Phthaso Mogan thought it was a joke. When, a few weeks later, he personally received the famous artificer, he tried to dispel some of his doubts according to the dogma on which the decisions of the Treaty of Thronehold were based regarding the souls of the warforged and its origins. His subsequent disappearance has convinced him that activating certain influences to make a theological investigator welcome to the Cannith facilities was not only adequate but necessary. On the other hand, the archierophant Ythana Morr keeps an extreme watch on any form of corruption that could threaten Sharn’s high society. After the schism of the Cannith House and the appointment of Merrix as a candidate for Baron, Ythana has always suspected that his activities take advantage of the gray shades of morality. Although her opinion on the warforged was decisive during the peace negotiations at the end of the war, Ythana has always wanted to find definitive proof that these artificial creations have no soul, and believes that these may have to do with the disappearance of the artificer .


As the top intelligence agency at service of King Boranel, the Dark Lanterns in the Citadel take pride in knowing everything that happens in Sharn. When an influential and very well known personality vanishes into thin air, they feel obliged to know what happened. And before giving a report with large and long blanks, captain Talleon Haliar Tonan has decided to infiltrate an agent who can fill them.

The Chronicle of Korranberg

«If it happens in the War front, you will find it in the Chronicle of Korranberg» was the motto of the popular newspaper for almost a century. With the end of the war, the investigators of the same have been dedicated to make great and scandalous political highlights. Regalus ir’Korran, editor of the most read column across the Five Nations, is already thinking of retiring, but not before getting the story to make him incomparably famous. And that’s exactly what Merrix’s disappearance has given him.

The Twelve

The disappearance of an heir is not a matter of private concern to his House, as it affects all Dragonmarked Houses. House Kundarak had just reinforced Merrix’s private home with the most secure measures; Thuranni and Phiarlan are looking for clues about their projects; and Medani believes it can solve the mystery to increase his prestige.
In order to not to raise unnecesary suspicions, their agents are pretending to be Merrix’s classmates at the Twelve Academy long ago, concerned about his whereabouts.

The Aurum

Anything that can give Aurum members a commercial advantage over others will always be sought and welcomed, especially if no one else knows about it. This is precisely why Merrix’s personal projects are so valuable for Antus ir’Soldorak. His interest into these have started some mercenaries to try to get to them in order to make a small fortune when getting their hands into them.
As we said, too many factions involved in a mystery.
Creativity will show its darkest side.
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