The Broken Pact


Episode 1: Enemy of the Guildpact in the Ravnica: Broken Pact series is out and running. It is the first episode of a planned 10-part series with plans to continue the story if the show is popular enough. It seems each episode is followed up by a Q&A and discussion called Talk Pact where players and the DM participate… and they gave us some detailos about what to expect in what is the focus for our «10 Weeks of Ravnica» main element: the long-awaited «Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica».

Broken Pact has four main characters, all starting at level 3:

  • Astorok, a Boros minotaur fighter
  • Velma Sweet, an Orzhov half-elf bard
  • Lucian Ladrian, an Azorious human cleric
  • Tutturu, a Selesnya loxodon cleric

This is what we could capture from all the information shared before, during and after Episode 1:

  • Ravnica currency doesn’t use copper, silver and gold, but zibs, silver and zenos. Zibs are equal to copper pieces. Zenos are equal to gold pieces. Silver is 4 to a zeno (instead of 10 to a gold). There are also 10 zeno platinum pieces. Different guilds might also create their own coins but not all of them.
  • There are no dwarves or tieflings on Ravnica. It seems vampires are not a player race option in the book.
  • Interplanar travel is not something most people know about.
  • The Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica has enough information to get non-Magic players into the setting.
  • Gods and patrons are handled very differently in Ravnica.
  • There are no rules in the book about planeswalking.
  • There are no references in the book to the Guilds’ colors.
  • There are stats in the book for plenty of famous characters.
  • The book doesn’t mention any spells not being allowed.
  • The book goes over how you can make a party of all one guild work or a party made up of different guild members.
  • There are map resources in the book. There is a map of the 10th district and the precincts within the district.

The author behind the maps from Dyson’s Dodecahedron has also announced that he has made 11 maps for the book, hopefully one for each guildhall and that extra map for the 10th district.

Coming soon, our summary and review for «Kranko’s Way», the official adventure to be held during Ravnica Weekend all around the world.

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  1. juanrusso dice:

    Was it everything you expected?

    1. Gonz dice:

      There were still some things missing, but I wasn’t expecting the book to have it all. And not having it all, gives me the chance to create some thing on my own 😉

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