Q is for Quo Vadis


AtoZ2019QIt was amazingly difficult to find a planeswalker for each letter… if you have been paying attention, you may have noticed I even «cheated» considering some last names along with first names. «Q» though, was impossible, so I decided to run a summary of everything in this series of articles using the latin phrase «Quo Vadis?», which means «Where are you going?».

  1. Ajani Goldmane – New race: Leonin
  2. Bo Levar – New background: Sailor Smuggler
  3. Chandra Nalaar – Sorcerous Origin: Fire
  4. Dack Fayden – New spell: Psychometric Touch
  5. Elspeth Tirel – New artifact: Godsend
  6. Freyalise – New mechanic: Circle Magic
  7. Garruk Wildpseaker – New feat: Warped Summoning
  8. Huatli – New feat: Dinosaur Knight
  9. Kytheon Iora – New feat: Hieromancy and New Fighting Style: Hieromantic Defense
  10. Jace Beleren – New spell: Mind Blast
  11. Kaya – Archetype variant: Spectral Strike
  12. Liliana Vess – New artifact: The Chain Veil
  13. Sorin Markov – New Arcane Tradition: Sangromancy
  14. Narset – New Monastic Tradition: Way of the Jeskai
  15. Ob Nixilis – Demon variant: Onakke demon
  16. Planeswalker’s Spark: New background

And also available now:

  1. Nissa Revane – New feat: Leyline Adaptation
  2. Sarkhan Vol – New subclass: Dragon Shaman
  3. Teferi – New arcane tradition: Time Magic
  4. Ugin – New spell: Ghostfire
  5. Vivien Reid – New artifact: The Arkbow
  6. Will Kenrith – New sorcerous origin: Frost Magic
  7. Xenagos – New bard college: College of Revelry
  8. Yawgmoth Mu Yanling – New spellcasting variant: Spell Thematics
  9. Ral Zarek – New artificer specialist: Blastseeker

Choose your spark and ignite it!

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