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RPGBlogCarnivalLogoSmallApril came and went, and you are reading our 250th entry here at Codex Anathema. I must admit that hosting the RPG Blog Carnival and at the same time participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge has kept me entertained during this quarantine. The topic I selected was «Corners of the Multiverse» and this closing article will give you a tour of all participants, among who I’m very proud to present the very first YouTuber joining the Carnival.

The Multiverse: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the legendary ship Spelljammer. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before!

Doctor Necrotic, from Daemons & Deathrays, brings us «Ramon’s Guide to Realms of Order vs. Anarchy» and pays a visit through some well-known Great Wheel’s destinations such as Arcadia, Limbo, Mechanus and Ysgard, as well as fully original ones: Regulate, and Augmental. As a Magic fan, I particularly loved the phyrexian inspiration behind that last one.

Lord Archaon introduces us to the power of linguistics in the plane of Ixalan, where merfolk name themselves associating their destiny and personality to themselves. Once you’re there, be sure to take a look to his Zendikar entries, which promise to jump-start a campaign!

The incredibly funny and approachable Dungeon Coach, accepted my invitation to participate in the Carnival and became the first YouTuber in doing so. He was already planning a new series that will help you understand ALL the planes of existence in D&D, so he took the chance to use some props and make an amazingly didactic tutorial.

Unfortunately, the Innkeeper from the Dungeon Inn suffered from a malfunction in his computer, but has promised to become the second YouTuber in joining us early May (this text will be edited to include his entry once it becomes available). In the meantime, you can enjoy his most recent video which also involves planes as they relate to Death and Afterlife in D&D.


Tom, from The Expanding Frontier, provides us with super advanced tools to create maps when exploring new worlds. You can check the graphical user interface for a starmap generator he has been working on in his entry.

The name «Happy Hunting Grounds» was given to the Beastlands by those that first scried it, assuming the abundant and varied game and wildlife would be a sportsman’s paradise. Joining in his words «barely on time», the DM behind Tangled Cloaks is offering us some nice details about time, travel and hunting in «The Frenzy Wilds: Running Games in the Beastlands», in which he includes some handy encounter tables with complications and even mutations!

Finally, Eberron’s creator, Keith Baker, gave us a special preview for his upcoming «Exploring Eberron» sourcebook, which will be available soon via the DM’s Guild. He got really deep about Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead, talking about its traits and denizens as well as its layers and manifestations, concluding with some ideas concerning resurrectipon and adventures.

UPDATE (August 2nd) Tony, from Roleplay-Geek left a message letting me know he ran a review of Lasers and Feelings Indie RPG, but somehow I missed the notification and I just saw it today while cleaning my comments inbox. Live long and prosper, Tony, and I’m really sorry for missing your participation on due time!


2badgeAs I commented at the beginning, here at Codex Anathema, I dedicated the whole month (except Sundays!) to introduce some elements to many different planes from many different settings in alphabetical order. It’s the third time I participate in the A to Z Challenge, and I find it extremely, well, challenging. But having 26 entries added just during April has brought the total in my website to 249, so I feel proud of this endeavour. Here’s the list of planes we visited and the elements I created related to them:

119441I hope you have enjoyed your trip around the Multiverse! Keep rolling your dice with heroism and good luck as you keep traveling from plane to plane!

And since you’re already here, don’t forget to check the RPG Blog Carnival new month’s topic, hosted by Moebius Adventures.

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  1. Keep an eye out for another dose of Great Wheel goodness! This one arrived a bit late, but hopefully it’s not too late! (It’ll be released shortly)

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