Y is for Yotian Soldier


alphabet (y)Yotia was the most southern of the coastal kingdoms and the chief military might of eastern Terisiare at the time of the Brothers’ War on Dominaria.

Poets dream the verses of otherworldly stories. Artificers dream the blueprints of otherplanar artifacts.

Yotia suffered the brunt of Fallaji raiding parties even before the outbreak of the war. Yotia was a polytheistic country worshipping such gods like Bok, Mabok and Gaea. It was a monarchy, whose leader took the title of Warlord (or Warlady). It was the homeland of Tawnos, apprentice to Urza, and Kayla bin-Kroog, daughter of the Warlord and wife of Urza. After the death of the Warlord at Korlinda, Kayla became the Warlady, and witnessed the sack of Kroog, Yotia’s capital, by Mishra’s dragon engines. Yotia would remain under Fallaji occupation for ten years, before being liberated by Argive and Korlis. By this time, Yotia had been scarred almost beyond repair by the Fallaji plundering and Mishra’s Scorched Earth policy. The Yotians would continue to fight on Urza’s side until the end of the war. After the war it was absorbed into Argive, and eventually crumbled with the rest of the world.

The Sword Marches were a conquered territory in the west of Yotia, originally called the Suwwardi Marches by the Fallaji nomads. The Yotian warlord and his forces traveled to Korlinda to meet the Fallaji qadir and his own armies to strike a peace agreement. This failed because both claimed the Sword Marches.

Yotian Soldier (2)In Dungeons & Dragons

Yotian Soldiers are actually war machines, but non-sentient ones. Just as we did with the xanthian statue, we decided to make the yotian soldier something super useful… because it’s always with you when you need it the most.

Yotian Amulet
Wondrous Item, uncommon

Activating the Yotian implies dividing it in two halves and placing one on a statue. Doing so activates such statue as if it were a Shield Guardian (the statue doesn’t change size). The remaining half acts just as a the Master’s Amulet.

If the activated statue is medium, its AC is 16, its hit points are 15d8+45 and its STR and CON scores are 16. This has the added consequence of dropping its attack bonus to +6 and damage to 2d6+3.

In Eberron

Nothing says war machine in Eberron as much as warforged, but those are not magic items, so we’ll work imagining their earliest prototypes during the beginning of the Last War.


How are you planning to incorporate a yorian amulet in your campaign? Do you have it with you, ready for combat, or is it a hidden surprise for when you need extra support?

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