Explorando Eberron

Lo esperábamos para fines del 2019, pero todo lo bueno se hace esperar. Con ustedes, “Exploring Eberron” ya está disponible.

Awaken the myth

Rival the Gods with the second crossover between Magic and Dungeons & Dragons when Theros is added to your table’s multiverse.

D&D Pops!

¡Es hora de buscar tus Funkos de Calabozos & Dragones!

Exploremos Wildemount

El mundo de Critical Role se hace oficial con un nuevo libro disponible en Marzo.

The 13th class

Let’s review the first official class for 5e after the ones in the Player’s Handbook: the Artificer.

Fifth Amendment

It’s here! Read all about what we think of “Eberron: Rising from the Last War”.

Unearthing subclasses

Is there a new Guide to Everything on the works at Wizards? New content in Unearthed Arcana makes us think so.