My Campaigns

My blog started years ago as a journal for my campaign. Once in a while I added a few ideas for other DMs to use in their own campaigns, and eventually everything evolved.

I decided to relate my campaigns to each other, just as easter eggs. This one was long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by the way. I entitled them «Codex Anathema», in honor of the original title for the «Lords of Madness» 3.5 sourcebook. I’d keep them apart in volumes. I’ll use this section to tell you about them.

Volume I
Fairhaven: Rapelje Acquisitions

  • Genre: High fantasy
  • Concept: Episodic scavenger hunt
  • Tagline: Every piece has its place in the puzzle.

Volume I

They say everything in this world has a story, and there must be someone willing to preserve that story. Giff Rapelje also knows that, most importantly, there is always someone willing to pay to be able to preserve some stories, and Giff is usually right.

Volume II
Sharn: Forgotten Relics

  • Genre: High fantasy
  • Concept: Episodic scavenger hunt
  • Tagline: Every word has its meaning in the riddle.

Volume II

The Wayfinder Foundation and the Morgrave University have been working together imbuing their resources into a secret organization: the Covenant of the Forgotten Relics. The recruiting students may have little experience but they make up for it with lots of enthusiasm. What they want the most is to achieve fame and fortune, but they will find so much more.

Volume III
Dreadhold: The Forgotten Prisoner (a.k.a. Prisoner #13)

  • Genre: High fantasy
  • Concept: Prison break
  • Tagline: Get in. Get out. Run away.

The prison island of Dreadhold rests off the northern ranges of Cape Far in the Lhazaar Principalities. First established by Karrn the Conqueror as a place for exiling overthrown rulers or aristocrats who have fallen from favor, it was eventually converted by the early Galifar kings into an almost inescapable prison for those too important to execute and too dangerous to be left free.

Volume IV
Flamekeep: All Souls

  • Genre: Epic fantasy
  • Concept: Mythological scavenger hunt
  • Tagline: This is who we are.

Volume IV

The Magnificent Order of the Nine Hierocracies first started life as an early sovereign sect. By the time the Kingdom of Galifar was founded, the Order became an ally to the Crown, but as time passes, a new generation of members has started scheming against each other within the group, trying to decide which of the Sovereigns is the leader of them all. And looking for evidence in sacred texts, the legend of the Relics of All Souls is unearthed.

Volume V
Eston: A Three-Headed Gorgon

  • Genre: High fantasy
  • Concept: Mystery whodunnit
  • Tagline: Ingenuity will show its darkest side.

Volume V

The Mourning marked the day of every citizen in Khorvaire. But it was House Cannith who may have suffered the most with the loss of its main laboratory in which its patriarch and his successor were working. Along with this and the post-war measures from the Treaty of Thronehold, the House is about to succumb to internal chaos as different factions push for power.

Volume VI
Stormhome: Coldsnap

  • Genre: High fantasy
  • Concept: Zombie apocalypse
  • Tagline: What is dead can not be killed.

Volume VII
Thronehold: Sede Vacante

  • Genre: Epic fantasy
  • Concept: Royal conspiracy, secret mission
  • Tagline: This is how wars start.

Volume VII

The year is 894 YK, and King Jarot is not well. Before he can sign his will, he dies and the very next day the tension among his children starts to build up. In the brink of civil war, a child may be all that is needed to fix royal succession.

Volume VIII
Stormreach: Rise of the Quori

  • Genre: Epic fantasy
  • Concept: Exploration and survival
  • Tagline: Xen’drik needs help.

Banner VIII

For thousands of years, Xen’drik has had a reputation as a deathtrap. It’s been a place of deadly perils to outsiders and native explorers, punishing any who seek to loot its hidden treasures and exploit its potent magic. But unknown to the explorers and adventurers, there’s a sinister reason for danger: for millennia, the continent itself has served as a prison for astral monstrosities that may be about to be released.

Volume IX
Atur: Sins & Portents

  • Genre: Gothic horror fantasy
  • Concept: Episodic monster hunt
  • Tagline: It’s dangerous to be alone in the dark.

Banner IX

Volume X
Arcanix: Tome & Blood

  • Genre: High fantasy
  • Concept: Arcane Whodunnit
  • Tagline: Magic awaits.

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Volume XI
Ravnica: Guildpact

  • Genre: High fantasy
  • Concept: Urban conspiracy
  • Tagline: Pacts are made to be broken.

Volume XI

Loosely based on the three main canonical storylines set in Ravnica building up to War of the Spark, I started my own Ravnica campaign in January 2019.

Volume XII
Argonnessen: Echoes from Beyond

  • Genre: Heroic fantasy / Cosmic Horror
  • Concept: Episodic Dungeon Delve
  • Tagline: The deeper you look, the deeper you fall.

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What starts as an unsanctioned mission to retrieve an unholy relic, soon uncovers mysteries and cults better left undisturbed. Everything become unbelievable as entities unknown to civilization threaten to unhinge the heroes.