Los Eternos en D&D

¿Cómo podemos crear en 5e a quienes son los seres más poderosos del Universo?

Shang-Chi en D&D

¿Cómo jugar un personaje en D&D que se asemeje a Shang-Chi?

Master of His Own Destiny

Also known as the Master of Kung Fu, Shang-Chi is a fictional superhero soon to start in his own standalone movie. How does he look as a D&D character? Let’s kick it out!

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

As we wait for the premiere of the namesake TV series, let’s have a look at the Falcon and the Winter Soldier as D&D characters.

Soul in the Machine

Converting Vision into a D&D character has a challenge rating that proved to be too high for our team.

Lady in Red

Turning the Scarlet Witch into a D&D character is a challenge in more ways than one. That won’t stop us from trying, of course.

Wonder Warrior

As Wonder Woman 1984 release date gets closer, no better time to see her converted to a D&D character.

From Russia with Love

As we wait to see Natasha Romanoff’s quests before Infinity War, we can still bring her to the D&D multiverse.