RPG Blog Carnival

RPGBlogCarnivalLogoSmallBlogger carnivals are a way for a group of bloggers to all simultaneously write about the same topic. They are a great way to build community and dialogue across many different blogs at once.

This benefits fans and readers of those blogs because they have the opportunity to explore lots of different viewpoints in a short period of time. It also benefits the bloggers because they get new readers to stop by. It also helps with SEO. Everyone wins.

The RPG Blog Carnival

Me, myself and I

Clicking here you’ll find the posts I’ve shared during many different topics, from equipment to new monsters to DM tips. I have even hosted the Carnival a few times!

  1. The first time I did, I selected «GM’s Cut» as the topic: the influence of movies in our games. I included three articles this time:
    1. I shared the basics about a campaign I created, which started as the crazy suggestion by one of my players about getting some nice pirate action. I’m talking about “Pirates of the Lhazaar Sea”.
    2. I transformed “Guardians of the Galaxy” into a D&D Eberron movie still starring Chris Pratt.
    3. And finally, I delved into some things we can use that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has shown us in the screen in: “To the Infinity and Beyond”.
  2. The second time, I made a joint venture between the RPG Blog Carnival and the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge, inviting everyone to write about any elements they have customized for any game. I took a wild ride blogging daily about Planeswalkers in alphabetical order.
  3. The third, Location, location, location, was all about the best places to run and play a campaign. In this ocassion, I wrote two articles:
    1. In “A Rose by any other name”, I re-imagined the famous library from Umberto Eco’s “The Name of the Rose” as the Library of Robideur, in which a murder mystery made my players to be part of the academic organization running it.
    2. Then, in “Brave the Unknown” I described Orazca, the grandest ruin a world has seen with a metaphorical meaning of goals and destiny instead of just a dungeon to be explored and scavenged.
  4. The fourth time was in April 2020, where I selected «Corners of the Multiverse» as the topic. I think it became the first time a YouTuber joined the Carnival. In this occasion, I again participated in the A to Z Challenge, so I wrote a whopping 26 articles about several planes from different cosmologies.
  5. Then it came September, in which I wrote all about magic items with a history in «Whose relic is it anyway?«. I personally participated with two articles:
    1. In «Wonder Warrior» I turned Wonder Woman into a D&D character, seizing the opportunity to create the Lasso of Truth.
    2. And in «My Relic, Your Relic, Our Relic» I discussed how to introduce this kind of magic items into your 5e campaign.
  6. And the most recent endeavour involved also magic items as I clashed one more time my two favorite games: MtG and D&D side by side as I wrote 26 articles, combining one more time the RPB Blog Carnival with the Writing from A to Z challenge with «Gathering inspiration for Magic Items«.


You and yourself

Do you want to participate? Do you have a blog? Just check the current topic, write an article about it (or simply using it as inspiration) and leave a link in the host’s entry. That’s it!

Do you want to be the Host? Check the calendar and contact Scot, our organizer via the RPG Blog Carnival section in his website. Think about what month do you want to host and the topic you’ve selected for it and sign up using this Google form.

Don’t let FOMO get a grip on you. Join us now!