The Party

You might have wondered who is behind the screen here at Codex Anathema, and this is the place to find out. Roll your Investigate check with advantage. As a team, we will welcome the most creative of our community members and encourage collaboration among them as they face each other in friendly competitions. Join in!

Your DM likes thisDM Darastrix: Gonzalo Campoverde

Our founder learned about roleplaying games after chatting in some X-Files forum. Someone there mentioned a game that would allow you to investigate paranormal phenomena. Gonz did a little research and found out about the plans for something called «Dark Matter» for the Alternity game, just released by TSR. As fate would have it, when Wizards of the Coast bought TSR and started planning D&D 3rd Edition, he started working as Organized Play Manager for the official local distributor of that company in Peru, Game Zone, where he could put his hands in a review copy of the Player’s Handbook almost before anyone else. The rest is history.

  • Played D&D for the first time: 1999
  • Favorite setting: Eberron
  • Real-life job: EFL Teacher
  • D&D class: Gnome artificer, or wizard

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83746375_189191982277776_6485949363456573440_nDM Izarvo: Gines Abanto

In love with fantasy, dragons and sci-fi since he was a little kid, Gines has always enjoyed stories. He found out about D&D many years ago, but it was only after he attended a Free Comic Book day event with one of his best friends that he actually started to play it. He has played 3.5, Pathfinder and 5e and he decided to become a DM for the 5e due to the potential the game offers to unleash his imagination, create whole worlds full of adventure, make new nerdy friends and introduce new people to the hobby. Hoarder of dice, books and miniatures, he won’t stop running the game for as long as he draws breath.

  • Played D&D for the first time: 2016
  • Favorite setting: Forgotten Realms
  • Real-life job: EFL Teacher
  • D&D class: Dwarf cleric or Halfling Rogue

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90469688_674080389800131_1900065163491409920_nDM Archaon: Rafael Romo Mulas

Having met Codex Anathema’s founder on the original WotC forum of old, joining forces to start the then-unheard-of practice of playing D&D in a Magic: The Gathering setting (now a sizable part of WotC’s business), you can understand why Rafael has a spot here even with close-to-none actual (finished) contributions. Eternal procrastinator, he does indeed love to ramble (and often rant) about the hobby, ending up creating characters, settings, classes, magic systems, game cross-overs, and all sorts of things that rarely see actual play (but serve as perfect inspiration for the rest of the team). Having started with the original Red Box of the 80s, his most puzzling characteristic as a D&D fan is his appreciation and nostalgia for the almost-universally loathed 4th edition of the game.

  • Played D&D for the first time: 1994
  • Favorite setting: Zendikar, from Magic: The Gathering (see above!)
  • Real-life job: Business Developer Manager
  • D&D class: Half-elf Rogue/Paladin, with a touch of Warlock and Bard

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