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«The legend tells us that Syberis, the Dragon Above, and Khyber, the Dragon Below, faced each other for the control of the multiverse from the very first moments of its creation. This put at risk the very creation fabric, so Eberron , The Dragon Between stepped in to stop the conflict.This is how our world was created.The Syberis scales and tears formed the sky, the moons and the stars, while the bones and blood of Khyber formed the caverns in the underworld. Eberron gave the gift of life to those in between both.
Our world has a history too long to be studied in courses as short as those offered here in Morgrave University, but that does not prevent us from looking at it briefly and concisely. Studying the empires of the past tells us where to find their remains, in the form of relics forgotten in time. In the worst case, these relics will only show us the mistakes made in the past so that they teach us to forge a better future. At best, they will also allow us to sell them and become rich in a very short time.»

Magistrate Kendra Davasios
Opening address of the lecture «Monsters and Mausoleums»
Faculty of History and Exploration
Morgrave University, 998 YK

After the end of the Last War, the Wayfinder Foundation and Morgrave University signed an agreement, known only to the highest authorities of both institutions, establishing a club of extracurricular activities, the «Covenant of the Forgotten Relics». Using the resources of the Foundation and the University, this group recruits the most seasoned students and gives them the opportunity to embark on unparalleled adventures that endanger their lives in exchange for fame and fortune as well as extracurricular credits and immediate access to the Wayfinder Foundation once they complete their university preparation.

The new year is seeing graduate members of the Pact, and this is how new recruits are put to the test on campus. If they show that they are good at what they do, they will be admitted into this one-of-a-kind circle. If they do not, they will probably never be heard of again. After some bold students finished their careers, they were summoned by an anonymous letter just before their graduation. Aukan Thuliaga, Soren ir’Zendorn and Cassiel Andoson faced some dungeoneering challenges to make themselves worthy of an invitation to be part of the Coventant of the Forgotten Relics. This not-so-secret society will give them access to tools and information about their particular goals. As it seemed, fate wanted them to work together, as the Orb of Stein Rune searched by Aukan is believed to be hidden around the fabled icy underwater shrine of Benthidrix, in the southernmost portion of Xen’drik, an area of interest for Cassiel. A fellow student, on behalf of the famous Flamewind, gives them a closed wooden box to be opened after they utter a secret keyword in the Wayfinder’s Guildhouse in Stormreach.

Once they arrive to the Gate to Xen’drik and they speak to the useful keeper, they are introduced to their guides: Lerithyn, Major and Ra’sakar. The old maps the students brought from Morgrave will not be useful, of course, but they are intrigued about the box given to them. The inscription in the inside reads «The whole is greater than the sum of its parts» and its contentes were: an Arrow of Slaying (marked with a frozen snowflake), a Chime of Opening, some bottles with Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments, a flask with a Potion of Diminution and two Feather Tokens: an Anchor one and a Fan one. It’s time to plan a route towards Dowron’s Shield. Stormreach is the city at the very north of the continent. I marked Dowron’s Shield with the red dragon ampersand.

Dowron's Shield
Hello and welcome, observer!

Since Zendikar was first released back in 2009, a good friend of mine from the WotC Community Forum and I worked into conversions to play D&D in such a wonderful setting. Years later, we were both astonished when Plane Shift: Zendikar saw the light of day. Now that D&D Beyond has launched its Beta phase 1, which includes a new brand forum, we decided to try a Play-by-Post campaign. And as the really hardcore fan of Eberron that I am, I decided to have the best of both worlds: I’d merge Zendikar with Xen’drik.

The basic concept is simple: Xen’drik is known as «Zendikar» by its natives. Also, the Traveler’s Curse is known as «the Roil». The long forgotten Quori who tried to invade Eberron millenia ago, will take the place of the otherworldly Eldrazi. Join this category for my blog as I tell you the adventures of a group of explorers trying to survive an hostile continent.

Posters - Codex Anathema VIII - Return of the Quori


  • Aukan «Runehunter» Thuliaga is a Goliath Ranger (Hunter Conclave) from Xen’drik. He has traveled to the Morgrave University Library in Sharn to pursue research on the rune of stone.
  • Cassiel is a Fallen Aasimar Warlock (Fiend, Pact of the Blade) born in Sharn. He is a student of Morgrave University, and after seven years of studying there, Cassiel feels himself being drawn to the lands of Xen’drik. At times he can be heard speaking Celestial to an unknown force in his mind named Barachiel, and Abyssal to another force named Adriel.
  • Lerithyn is a Kor Artificer (Gunsmith) from Zendikar. Presently, he presides in the city of Sharn where he longs to return to his home country to make amends with his past.
  • Major is a Warforged Fighter (Battlemaster) who, unlike most other Warforged, was not built in the creation forges of House Cannith. His past is largely steeped in battle. Today he resides in Sharn where he has been invited to accompany Lerithyn on an expedition to Xen’drik.
  • Ra’sakar Gen’thac is a Drow Mystic (Soul Knife) from Xen’drik. He has been offered a job to escort an academic expedition traveling from Morgrave University to the lands of Zendikar.
  • Sorgen ir’Zendorn (Sohar Gada) is a Human Warlock (Seeker, Star Chain / Hedron Archive) and Rogue born in Stormreach. He was adopted by a family in Sharn with ties to Morgrave University, where Sorgen later studied and graduated from with ease. As a result of his academic performance, Sorgen has been invited on an expedition to Xen’drik.
  • Stribog Northson is a Human Storm Sorcerer of Stormreach.

Special Guest Star:

Ilmo, who you may hear a lot about throughout all my campaigns. This gnome is up to something, let me tell you.

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