Todas las Almas

Los Gallos cantan al amanecer con la esperanza de despertar el corral, pero los Búhos saben que es todavía tarde en la noche.

Rising from the Last War

Amazon leaks the very first details about “Rising from the Last War”, the new Eberron hardcover.

All Souls

In the first of two articles, we’ll discuss the villains of my campaigns. Let’s welcome the Roosters and the Owls.

Eberron is unlocked!

If it exists in D&D, it has a place in Eberron… but it may not be the place you’re used to.

13 Reasons Why

Almost fourteen years ago, I put my hands for the first time on the just published Eberron Campaign Setting.

X is for “Xorn”

Metal-eaters from the Elemental Plane of Earth, xorn are actually peaceful creatures.

U is for “Unicorn”

No other magical creature says “fantasy” better than the fabled and majestic unicorn.