D is for “Displacer Beast”

They’re not in a box, but they are and they are not until you notice their sharpness. Meet the iconic Displacer Beasts.

C is for “Chimera”

What will breathe fire with one head, roar with a second and ram over you with a third?

A is for “Aboleth”

Don’t be afraid of aboleths: embrace their influence into creating a campaign featuring them.

Analects of War

A Hundred Years is a long time for a campaign… isn’t it?

A Preface

Let’s take Zendikar and place it inside Eberron to create a great campaign. Welcome to “Xen’drikar”!

A Three-Headed Gorgon

Merrix d’Cannith has dissappeared, and House Cannith needs to find him… and his unorthodox experimentations.

The Sum of All Creations

Eberron’s megadungeon by excellence is House Cannith’s top research facility: Whitehearth.