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AtoZ2019DDack Fayden is the planeswalker protagonist of the Magic: the Gathering comics released by IDW Publishing. In search of greater magical knowledge and on the hunt for the people who destroyed his town, Dack Fayden becomes the greatest thief in the Multiverse.

«Some treasures aren’t worth finding, let alone stealing.»

Dack Fayden is a human mage from Drakeston, a village on the plane of Fiora. As a youth, Dack and his friend Marsh were adept mages who excelled at their abilities but lacked judgment. One night, their genius got the best of them and they picked a fight with brutes, resulting in the death of Marsh. In that moment, Dack’s spark ignited and he became a Planeswalker.

Dack soon found he could walk the planes and sought out challenges that could both test his abilities and line his pockets. On the plane of Alkabah, Dack got his hands on a cursed artifact, which resulted in his arrest. By the law of that society, his right hand was stained red, forever branding him a thief. He was eventually able to return to Fiora, but in his absence, another Planeswalker named Sifa Grent had massacred Drakeston and all those Dack cared for.

Dack then turned to use psychometry—the ability to absorb the magic, memories, and uses of an artifact—to track Sifa. His psychometry allowed him to follow her trail from plane to plane, even through the Blind Eternities. He survived his final encounter with Sifa on Ravnica, and was forced to realize that as a Planeswalker, he could help or hurt more than an average person should be able. Although Dack now considers Ravnica home, he will never forget what happened to his people on Fiora.

In Dungeons & Dragons

Dack’s abilities in his card are all about getting control of magic items. But in the comic, his special talent is to know the history of the items he gets. We’ll turn this into a spell that Dack is able to use once before he takes a short rest, virtue of his Planeswalker Spark.

2nd-level Divination

Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: Self
Components: V, S, M (a curved glass or a lens)
Duration: Instantaneous

You get glimpses of the recent history of the object you are holding in your hands.

This spell gives the caster the ability to read psychic impressions from inanimate objects touched as part of the casting. The object will provide insight into who has used it and in what context. What a caster senses depends on the DM, including simple emotions associated with the object, complex visual and auditory impressions or even first-person experiences as though the caster were the person using the object or its owner and its immediate goals when using it.

To be affected by this spell, an object must be an item that the character can hold and manipulate (in order to pich up psionic impressions). Tools, weapons, clothing, jewelry and other personal items can be studied using psychometry, but living or dead creatures can not. Dirt, dust or other casually encountered objects aren’t affected as people around them don’t make the type of connections that this spell can read.

If the last person using the object is more powerful than the caster (DM’s discretion), the piece of glass used as a material component cracks or shatters into pieces.

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