Q is for Quo Vadis

AtoZ2019QIt was amazingly difficult to find a plneswalker for each letter… if you have been paying attention, you may have noticed I even “cheated” considering some last names along with first names. “Q” though, was impossible, so I decided to run a summary of everything in this series of articles using the latin phrase “Quo Vadis?”, which means “Where are you going?”.

  1. Ajani Goldmane – New race: Leonin
  2. Bo Levar – New background: Sailor Smuggler
  3. Chandra Nalaar – Sorcerous Origin: Fire
  4. Dack Fayden – New spell: Psychometric Touch
  5. Elspeth Tirel – New artifact: Godsend
  6. Freyalise – New mechanic: Circle Magic
  7. Garruk Wildpseaker – New feat: Warped Summoning
  8. Huatli – New feat: Dinosaur Knight
  9. Kytheon Iora – New feat: Hieromancy and New Fighting Style: Hieromantic Defense
  10. Jace Beleren – New spell: Mind Blast
  11. Kaya – Archetype variant: Spectral Strike
  12. Liliana Vess – New artifact: The Chain Veil
  13. Sorin Markov – New Arcane Tradition: Sangromancy
  14. Narset – New Monastic Tradition: Way of the Jeskai
  15. Ob Nixilis – Demon variant: Onakke demon
  16. Planeswalker’s Spark: New background

And coming soon…

  1. Nissa Revane
  2. Sarkhan Vol
  3. Teferi
  4. Ugin
  5. Vivien Reid
  6. Will Kenrith
  7. Xenagos
  8. Yawgmoth Mu Yanling
  9. Ral Zarek

Oh, you wanted to know what new element each of the next entries will bring? I guess you’ll have to come back in order to find out.

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