R is for Nissa Revane


AtoZ2019RNissa Revane is an elven planeswalker who wields green magic to muster elves and elementals and amplify their might. She was a member of the Gatewatch.

«Life grows everywhere. My kin merely find those places where it grows strongest.»

Driven, devoted, and deeply connected to the land, Nissa Revane wields elemental magic. She’s able to channel the mana leylines of a plane and to bring the land to life.

When she was young, Nissa was shunned by her native elven village for her fearful visions and druidic powers. She left to follow the voice of the land itself-Zendikar-which was asking for her help to cleanse the dangers that slept within it. Zendikar sent its elemental embodiment to teach Nissa to connect with the land and channel its power. Armed with these new abilities, she attempted to commune with the dangers within Zendikar-the Eldrazi titans. Their immense power bent her mind, and in that moment of danger she made her first planeswalk to safety.

Her compassion and fierce determination to defend Zendikar drove her to seek aid from other planes across the Multiverse. After returning home, she began to wage what seemed like an unending battle against the Eldrazi and their spawn, who threatened to devour the plane. It was a battle she couldn’t win alone, and she will forever be grateful for the help of the other Planeswalkers who arrived to fight at her side.

Now she has sworn an oath and joined the group of Planeswalkers known as the Gatewatch. Together with Gideon Jura, Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess, and Chandra Nalaar, Nissa travels the Multiverse fighting for the sake of the myriad worlds and all the life that inhabits them.

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Nissa has the power to tap into Zendikar’s raw mana through its leylines. Leylines, sometimes called mana lines, are ancient mana paths that flow and crisscross each other across a given landscape. All planes have a network of leylines, and some druids know these affect the environment around them. With that knowledge, these druids can use the power of the land in many different ways.

Leyline Adaptation
New feat
Requirement: Circle of the Land

You can select an additional type of land and gain the respective benefits of the Circle Spells class feature. Por each kind of land, select with your DM a typical animal you can use for your Wild Shape feature and summoning spells, even if you haven’t seen one personally before.

Have you played before a Druid of the Land? Did you customize it to turn it into a Druid of the World?

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