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On Mirrodin, everything is made of metal—from forests to mountains to grass. Five suns cast their light on the plane, one for each color of mana.

Long ago, this metal plane was created by Karn, the silver golem built by the Planeswalker Urza. But something went wrong with Karn’s creation. He unwittingly introduced a dark contagion: Phyrexian oil. Over the centuries, this oil has taken hold, infecting the land and breeding wave after wave of new horrors.

Even the Warden that Karn created to protect the plane grew unstable, gaining sentience and calling himself Memnarch. Over time, Memnarch grew paranoid and angry, feeling abandoned by his creator. As Memnarch’s madness grew, so did his power. He kidnapped countless beings from other planes before he was finally defeated by the elf Glissa Sunseeker.

After that, everything got spiral down. The first generations of Mirrans have vanished, returned to the planes from which they were taken. Meanwhile, the Phyrexian contagion continues to do its work. New Phyrexian horrors continue to emerge from Mirrodin’s core, killing all Mirrans in their path and even counting the Mirran dead among their Phyrexian ranks. Will any Mirrans survive? What new horrors await this brutal world? Will the Phyrexian infection spread to planes beyond?

«The corrosion begins.»


For your campaign

All races imported to Mirrodin have adapted to the plane by growing organic metal pieces on their bodies. Mirrodin tribes consisted of the Auriok of the Razor Fields, the Neurok of the shore of the Quicksilver Sea, the Moriok of the Mephidross, the Vulshok of the Oxidda Chain, and the Sylvok of the Tangle. All species on Mirrodin have metallic growths and plates that permeate and cover their bodies because of the effects of certain substances on the plane that interacted with organic life. The humans all have such metallic growths, but color, material, coverage, and shape vary from tribe to tribe.

EN_GAMEINFO_STORY_SmallPlaneswalker_T_KothoftheHammer_131028_0New feat: Metalcraft

You have one of your limbs (a hand, arm, foot, leg, or similar appendage) partially made of metal. While the prosthetic is attached to you, it functions identically to the body part it is replacing and it can’t be removed.

You can attach magic items as if you were a warforged (see magic items on ERLW, page 278 and WGtE). Any working magic item that is held or worn on your attached limb doesn’t count against the limit of attuned items you can have. For example, is you have a hand made of metal, any attuned ring worn on that hand doesn’t count as an attuned item to you.

You can have multiple instances of this feat. Every time you select it, it refers to  different limb that grows metal on it.


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