The Art of Customization


AtoZ2019tenthAnnWe are proud to host one more time the RPG Blog Carnival, and we are making this entry a little early with a double purpose, as it will not only be the introduction to next month’s theme, but also a challenge for all you bloggers around the world: April is also the month of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I’ve selected my theme to match my challenge and I’d love all you reading this to join in such a rewarding endeavour as it is to write 26 entries in your blog during one month (you can rest on Sundays!). If you think it requires too much preparation in order to join, mark your calendars for next year, but feel free to read and get some inspiration from out there.

OK, so it’s time to reveal and explain the theme for April’s RPG Blog Carnival. Let those drumrolls begin…

As DMs, we need to tailor our group’s expectations and ours in order to create the best campaign we can provide. Just as the DungeonMaster’s Guide states, we are Masters of Worlds, of Adventures, and of Rules, and all of them need to be customized to our very own needs. At the very core of our tasks is always making our own all the content in the books, from worlds and gods to nations and organizations. But there are some details in which players become part of the creative process: their characters.

How many times have you been asked if you’d allow certain changes to the character creation rules? How many times have you changed the way some activity works in order to fit your campaign? How many times have you cosmetically changed some descriptions to make whatever is happening more ingrained in your world?

How many of those times you were satisfied with the result?


This month, I want you to tell us your stories about customization. Tell us about that time when you slightly changed a god’s portfolio, the nuances of a spell, the features of a subclass, the powers of a monster, the limits of an artifact… Tell us about your creative process, your reasons and calculations… Tell us about your players’ reactions, insights, and feedback… Tell us all about how you became an Artist of Customization. What the hell, maybe you think customization is more science than art… Let’s discuss it!

Here at Codex Anathema, we’ll dedicate the whole month (except Sundays!) to introduce the stories of M:tG planeswalkers, grabbing some inspiration from each one in order to create some customized content for D&D. This is gonna be a ride!


As usual, don’t forget to leave a comment with a link to your participating entry, as I will personally read each one of them before doing a summary the first days of May.

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  1. brynvalk dice:

    I’m posting up my contribution to your blog theme!

    1. Gonz dice:

      Thanks for participating, our most graceful Lady of the Pitfalls and Pixies! It’s always inspiring to read your entries, and this one’s no exception. I’ll say, though, I ran into some issues with the link you left. In case someone else also does, try this one:

  2. juanrusso dice:

    Tasha´s Cauldron of Everything opens up huge possibilities for playable characters customization !

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