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RPGBlogCarnivalLogoSmallAs usual, April came and went faster than planned, and you are reading our summary and reflection for both hosting the RPG Blog Carnival and at the same time participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. The topic I selected was “Gathering Inspiration for Magic Items” and this closing article will give you an inventory of all the participants.

Mike Bourke, from Campaign Mastery, has dedicated a very expansive and deep analysis on artifacts and relics in D&D. I thought I overdid myself with the introduction on magic items in my initial post: if I were able to reward an academic distinction, this article would be worthy of a Suma Cum Laude honor.

From the world of Everflow, Dave Clark, from Full Moon Storytelling (and new host of the RPG Blog Carnival for May) brings us the Whistle of Az and Sel, a cursed item related to nature and the bond between animals and humanoids.

And from Rising Phoenix Games, Rodney Sloan has a 2×1 offer in what seems to be an ever-growing collection of cruel trinkets. We have received in his entry the Eager Blade and a Fire Emblem.

Finally, the Dungeon Coach, vlogger and friend, had already talked about mundane magic items, so I thought his video about them was a good fit for the topic.


On the other hand, we have some bloggers who joined the Blogging from A to Z Challenge this year. They didn’t write following the magic items topic, but there some crossovers as you’ll see:

Tim Brannan, from «The Other Side», created a whole alphabetical monstrorium with references to the classics, and of course we both wrote about Dragons when we reached the letter D. He really surprised me with his «Q» entry, as I never heard of a qliphoth before. I’m still wondering how to pronounce it.

KJ Davies from «In My Campaign» chose to write about Divine Trappings, and even if he missed some letters in the alphabet (we all know finding something starting with X is hard!) there is a lot of inspiration in there. The article I found most useful is the one about Naming Deities, as a I’m planning soon to start a twist on my campaigns, which are usually set in Eberron.

By now a regular in both the A to Z and the RPG Blog Carnival, Sean Holland, from the Sea of Stars Campaign Setting managed to complete the challenge and give us some items during his Tuesday Magic Item article series, including the Ender’s Dagger, the Kavall’s Inquisitive Kit, the Quizzing Glass of Quizzicalness (which alliteration is as lovable as the item) and the Weapons of the Arms-Sworn.

The Children of the Ampersand started the challenge to tell us more about their campaign setting, Mawveth, but it seems they fell short or went too busy. Anyway, I’m curious enough to continue reading about it in the hopefully near future.

Tim, self-described as a caffeinated grognard, brought us a collection of characters and creatures that were beyond his usual Warhammer storytelling and very suitable for any D&D campaign. I want to thank him for including pronunciation guidelines for the sometimes difficult words!

WinnerWinnerThis is the fourth time I’ve joined the Blogging from A to Z challenge and I must acknowledge how difficult it’s getting to find a topic which covers the whole alphabet, hehe. The first time I started with monsters, which seems easy and natural, but then I shifted towards the mix of my two favorite games: Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, both times customizing elements for the second game as I get inspiration from the first. This time I got 26 entries which brought very famous artifacts into D&D and Eberron lore:

I hope you have enjoyed the inventory to these artifacts from around the Multiverse! And since you’re already here, don’t forget to check the RPG Blog Carnival new month’s topic, hosted by Full Moon Storytelling, who has selected «Festivals, Holidays and Birthdays» as topic.

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  1. Ack! I had totally forgotten the Blog Carnival, the A to Z ate all my attention! Glad you were able to find some pieces to fit in.

    Thank you for hosting and I will try to do better in the future.

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    Glad I was able to help!

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      Always appreciated!

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