Endulza tus hechizos

Exagerar con los componentes verbales y somáticos traerá nueva vida a los hechizos sobre la mesa.

Silver Arrows

Evil and suffering exist in all corners of Eberron… and the Silver Flame opposes them everywhere.

Artificial Flavors

Unlike regular alchemists, Master Mixers concoct offensive effects with their spellbombs.

Keys to the Kingdom

The magical door openers from Locke & Key make their way to Eberron as powerful artifacts.

Nightmares Worth Remembering

The Dementia Invokers from Otaria make their way to D&D 5e The RPG Blog Carnival theme for July 2016 has been entitled “The Ways of the Wise”. With some open-ended questions, Brandes Stoddard from Harbinger of Doom wants us to talk about wizards. I like to think of most wizards as prone to insanity in some way,…