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As I write these lines, Wizards of the Coast just announced two new books for Dungeons & Dragons: I’ll write about the «Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica» later, as the second book, the «Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron» and the fact that Eberron as a setting just got opened as Ravenloft did when Curse of Strahd was released, are really the things that got my attention, as I’ve been waiting for these for too long.

170+ pages in six chapters give us lots of content. Let’s have a quick look at it!

After a brief introduction, «What is Eberron?», the first chapter of the book focuses on what makes this setting particular. Far from being an encyclopedia of information we can find in other books, this section offers details about the themes that run in an Eberron campaign: its flavor. «Welcome to Khorvaire» follows up with an overview of the main continent in the world, not focusing in history or geography, but instead on ideas for characters coming from each different nation or some other distant regions of the world.

The third chapter, «Races of Eberron» brings new versions of changelings, kalashtar, shifters, and warforged, along with information and ideas about how the common races fit into Eberron. The new races are considered playtest material and are not available in the Adventurers League. Nonetheless, they have been released as Unearthed Arcana content for free (you can check the link below).

«Dragonmarks» introduces a new way to see and create dragonmarked characters. Keith Baker worked along Ruty Rutenberg in these mechanics, treating dragonmarks as racial powers that can be improved with a feat. Greater and aberrant dragonmarks are included, but not Syberis ones (yet).

Chapter number 5 is titled «Magic Items» and it makes emphasis on dragonshards, arcane focuses, common magic items, dragonmark foci, warforged components and even the mysterious Eldritch Machines. «Sharn, City of Towers» closes the lore in the book providing specific notes to the backgrounds in the Player’s Handbook and an overview of Sharn, with a host of story hooks and roll-into tables to help you get started with an Eberron campaign right away. It even includes details on Keith’s own running campaign featuring the gritty Callestan district.

Finally, three appendixes feature «Further Reading» with a list of useful Eberron sourcebooks and novels, a handy alphabetical «Glossary» and the Dragonmark Houses crests and two maps.

From the announcements, the Twitch interviews and also some tweets, some other details are getting into light. So far, we know that:

  • Some things, like the artificer, races, and basic world info, will be picked up for a print book.
  • «Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron» is 100% official content for Eberron.
  • Since it is an ebook, that also means its contents can be updated with comments based on Unearthed Arcana’s playtests of the races and the artificer. Once those are done (and artificer added) Print-on-Demand will be available.
  • If an Eberron print product gets the green light, it will be designed to complement as much as possible what the PDF presents.

You can buy the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron, by Keith Baker and Ruty Rutenberg in the DM’s Guild and D&D Beyond now!


Eberron was born sixteen years ago. It’s been eight years since I’ve been able to write new material, and in that time I’ve worked on many things (…) But in all that time, my heart’s still been in Eberron. And now Eberron has come to fifth edition.

-Keith Baker

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