Welcome to our publication repository here at Codex Anathema. You will find here our categories descriptions, links to our DM’s Guild products and at the end, just below, a handy hashtag cloud to guide you onto articles grouped by topic.

For players

You can find new game elements and mechanics for your characters in Power Source. The new sub-section Guías Esenciales is written in Spanish, featuring class by class introductory articles for the game. Characters with class is the section where we’ll be bringing our favorite superheroes to D&D, soon expanding to most pop culture icons. If what you want is to keep up with news, you’ll find them all in Roll Initiative.

You may have noticed how much we love Eberron, so you shouldn’t be surprised we are introducing soon a new sub-section called «Explorando Eberron» with some inspiration to play in that setting.

For DMs

If what you’re looking for is some gamemastering tips, DM Ex Machina is for you. Two brand new sub-sections are written mainly in Spanish: Inspiración Pop is bringing ideas from elsewhere to your campaigns, while «Amaestrando la Mazmorra» (coming soon) will specifically tailored to improve your DM skills. Delving into the dungeon looking for monsters? You’ll find them all in the Monstrorium.

As we said above, we love Eberron, so we have a full section with articles about Eberron and how to place its elements in any campaign. We also love Magic: the Gathering, and everything we can use from that game’s lore into our game is in Gatherings.

Once in a while we also make book and product reviews, which you’ll be able to follow via Review Check.