Hablemos de Horror

¿Qué nos ha enseñado Lovecraft sobre el terror que podamos usar en nuestras campañas? Investiguémoslo juntos.

Por Trece Razones

Hace 17 años puse mis manos en el entorno de campaña de Eberron, y nunca volvería a jugar D&D de la misma manera.

300 and counting

This is our 300th post, and such a milestone deserves a very special article with a glimpse to the past, present and future.

Extraordinary Journeys

Ray Bradbury said once «We are all the children of Jules Verne». Eberron adventurers are about to join the club.

The & Files

25 years after its premiere, The X Files and its children has still many lessons for DMs.

The DM wears Prada

Sometimes I need to put my best act together in order to make a good Persuasion check.

13 Reasons Why

Almost fourteen years ago, I put my hands for the first time on the just published Eberron Campaign Setting.