Fairhaven: Rapelje Acquisitions

They say everything in this world has a story, and there must be someone willing to preserve that story. Giff Rapelje also knows that, most importantly, there is always someone willing to pay to be able to preserve some stories.

Giff is usually right.

My first campaign started just as a sequence of adventures. They were unrelated to each other at the beginning, but then I started planning the whole McGuffin that would bind them all in an epic storyline. In Volume I, “Rapelje Acquisitions”, the Codex Anathema shows as Mordain’s spellbook (Mordain, known as the Fleshweaver, is a banished wizard in the Eberron setting). Even if the name of the book is not mentioned directly, it is described by several NPCs as “the forbidden tome”. It is showcased as the item to be recovered by the heroes in «To Steal from a Thief», and then delivered to the wizard in his very dangerous abode in the middle of the forest of flesh in «No Crime at All».

Affaire D’Coeur

The romance between a noble and a commoner separated by the Last War left as a legacy a pair of rings mentioned in the famous ballad “The Valiant and the Vigilant”. Supposedly, these two rings have the ability to allow their wearers to communicate between them. Disguising as tourists, the adventurers achieve their first victory when finding the Lover’s Alliance.

The First One

More than a hundred years ago, House Cannith began the experiments that concluded with the creation of the warforged. The extremely talented Merrix d’Cannith named the first functional warforged “Adamantine”, but never thought its “heart” could be used by an evil cult to turn “flesh-bags” into metal symbols of perfection.

Angel’s Feather

On a weekend, the adventurers are invited to a gala, during which a robbery is attempted. The goal is a famous jewel inherited by its currently owner from an angel (or at least she claims as such). According to some scholars, the jewel could be used to open a portal to Syrania. The perpetrator was identified, but the evidence to get him to justice was faint.

To Steal from a Thief

One of the adventurers gets a secret mission, while the rest must obtain one of the spellbooks of the fearsome Mordain, the Fleshweaver, kept inside The Twelve ziggurat in Korth. Without getting lost in the deep, and facing the guardians, the adventurers got to achieve another success in their record.

No Crime at all

Recovering Mordain’s spellbook gets complicated when no one picks it from Rapelje’s headquarters in Sharn. Giff decides to send the adventurers to give it back personally.
The Forest of Flesh is a deathtrap to everyone, and when the book dissappears, everyone keeps the truth from Giff.

Fiat Lux

Recovering relics for Giff involves traps, monsters and delving, but for the first time, our adventurers face an elite group trying to recover the same thing they’re after.
Pyramids in Xen’drik are the background for an heroic battle that starts an international crisis between Breland and Thrane.

Six Sins

The crew of the ship that took them to Xen’drik vanishes from thin air, so it’s time for a rescue mission. Finding an isolated temple dedicated to the Dark Six, our adventurers witness how innocent people are sacrificed in the name of such cruel deities.

Murder on the Orien Express

While Giff takes the Diplomacy issues between Breland and Thrane on the accounts of the supposed murder of the Argentum team in Xen’drik, an unknown informant offers evidence on the Angel’s feather case. The encounter takes place in the famous Orient branch of the Lightning Rail, in which several parties try to get their hands on the offered evidence.

Between the Basilisk and the Deep Blue Sea

An assassins guild has a particular signature that Giff finds suspicious. They send statues of their victims to the relatives, which reject magic to restore them to life.
Giff remembers a legend about the Eye of the Basilisk and send his employees to the hunt, without knowing that the mission would cost one of them his life.

Codex Anathema 1

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