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GuildSymbol_Boros_ColorWe continue our 10 Weeks of Ravnica with the Boros Legion. This guild is the one in charge of law enforcement in the city: the Legion believes in a higher law: one in which rigtheousness is fire, and justice is the light that shines from it. They are the most skilled and fierce fighters on the plane, and as such, their absoulte belief in justice makes them swift and effective in neutralizing any conflict.


History of the Guild

Founded by parun Razia, a militant flaming-sword-wielding archangel capable of using flame and light magic who fervently and firmly believes in harmonious coexistence on Ravnica, even if lives are lost and blood is shed in achieving this, the Boros Legion functions as the righteous and zealous constabulary and standing army of Ravnica, as the League of Wojek and Boros Army, respectively, and enforces Ravnican laws created by the Azorius Senate.

As it was originally envisioned, the Boros Legion had a complicated, contrived, and highly stratified hierarchy, with the upper levels comprising angels and guildmages and lower levels comprising the League of Wojek and the Boros Army. Within the lower levels, Boros Army officers that outrank League of Wojek officers may issue orders to such individuals; but, the reverse is not true for League of Wojek officers that outrank Boros Army officers.

During the days of the Interregnum after the death of Razia and many high-ranking officials of the guild, the Boros mainly worked as paid bodyguards and security officials for the highest bidders, mostly Orzhov families. Many were discontent with this new style of leadership under guildmaster Feather and gathered under the war-leader Aurelia, who argued that no disgraced angel should lead the Boros.

After Aurelia assumed the office of guildmaster, she established several changes to the way the guild was run. While she maintained both the army and the wojek, angels are now encouraged to mingle with the lower ranks and Aurelia enforces practicality over tradition among them.

In addition, Aurelia has split leadership of the bulk of the legion into three «theatres» that mainly deal with threats to the public order:

  • The Theatre of Order: The Theatre of Order is tasked to fight against Rakdos incursions and their clubs.
  • The Theatre of Integrity: The Theatre of Integrity is tasked to find the sleeper agents and hidden refuges of the Dimir and root any members of this subversive guild out
  • The Theatre of Recruitment: The Theatre of Recruitment has the objective to find and indoctrinate members among the guildless that seem suitable to serve in the Legion.
  • The Warmind Initiative: A conjoined effort of the Izzet and the Boros, the Warmind Initiative works to develop new technologies for the Boros to use to keep the peace.


And about that Guildmaster’s Guide…

We need to start saying that the Boros Legion is an ideal guild for fighters, monks and paladins (even a few bards) of lawful (and passionate!) alignment. The things we’d like to see in the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica are:

  • A background: something related to the army, of course.
  • A subclass: a College of Radiance for bards to inspire their companions and a Batallion fighting style that gives benefits to allies in combat.
  • Some divine combat spells that tap angelic inspiration and power.
  • A location: Sunhome is a combined fortress, barracks and place of worship. Widely considered impregnable, it has become a symbol of military might, strength and unity.
  • NPCs: Razia, Aurelia and Tajic, Sword of the Legion.
  • A monster: maybe a Firemane Angel, a playable minotaur variant or even a viashino.
  • A magic item: Sunforger, a weapon enhancement.

If these are not included when the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica hits shelves in November, we may have some extra work here at Codex Anathema. What else would you like to see from the Boros Legion to play in D&D?

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