The Pratt Siblings


If you’re here, the most likely scenario is that you know me and therefore, you know how much I like Chris Pratt (just like the other half of the planet). Today is Father’s Day, but it’s also his birthday, so I’m making this short tribute article as a 2×1 sale. Without further ado, let me introduce you to the Starpritch Brothers (please don’t tell me you need help to find out where that last name came from), which my campaigns will feature starting officially today as six NPC siblings based on the characters Pratt has played and that I like the most.

91d7jGbTMpL._AC_SL1500_Pietro (based upon Peter Quill, from «Guardians of the Galaxy»), was born first in a story surrounded in mystery. As his parents met and fell in love, her mother was obligated to renounce to her angelic heritage if she wanted to remain by the side of her family. This makes Pietro a half-celestial unbeknownst to him, and this is kept secret, as his parents don’t want him to be a target. Pietro has become not only a charismatic artist but also a competent and creative crafter. He has designed a particular ranged weapon which uses arcane energy to blast his enemies, which usually are only traps in the dungeons he visits to kill some time.

Pietro is an aasimar Bard 3 (College of Valor) / Artificer 4 (Artillerist) with the Entertainer background.

DeoFxpkX4AsfvDsRowan (based upon Owen Grady from «Jurassic World») is the nature-oriented member of the family. Since he was very young he prefered the company of animals, and he has grown to become a proficient protector of them. During one of his usual nights out in the forest miles from home, he found a dead and mutilated displacer beast, probably killed and salvaged by adventurers. He could only hope the displacer beast attacked first to understand why the had to kill it, but then, when studying how they had removed pieces of its skin, he noticed a weeping cub. Knowing it would bring him nothing but trouble, he fed it and started training it in secret, spending a lot of his resources to keep it safe and healthy. Nowadays, Purple (that’s the beast’s nickname) has become his companion.

Rowan is a human Ranger 6 (Beast Master) with the Outlander background.

the-lego-movie-2-1Regalus (based upon Rex Dangervest, from «The Lego Movie 2») is the one who wanted to forge a name for himself. As soon as his parents stop trying to stop him, he enlisted the local militia, gaining some renown due to his unorthodox style of fighting. When his father got sick, he didn’t hesistate to go back to his home and help with raising his youngest brother Emetrio, who you could say is a living image of him.

Regalus is a human Fighter 5 (Champion) with the Soldier background.

ce50a84ad24d3ed7a1174fa5c35b4b14Joshua (based upon Josh Faraday from «The Magnificent Seven») is the black sheep of the family. As his older brothers were making their own decisions and owning their fates, he ran away from home at an early age to live in the city. Things were very difficult to him, but he managed to use his wit and charm not only to survive but actually make some profits… and many enemies on the way. Seeing how some of the people who wanted to get at him didn’t have any boundaries to kill innocent people in the way, he feared for his family if they found out about them, so he decided to get his way right. Now, instead of tricking criminals, he actively tries to stop them, preferably with some controlled explosion.

Joshua is a human Rogue 4 (Thief) with the Criminal background.

poster18139-1Barlow (based upon Barley Lightfoot from «Onward») is the dreamy one. After seeing all his brothers becoming what he sees as the perfect adventuring party, he realized they were missing some arcane magic. Filled and nurtured with tales of powerful wizards, all his family was supportive as they could to make his dream come true. Barlow is currently studying magic with a wizard who was rescued by his brothers and who offered them to make Barlow his apprentice as a reward. The wizard allows Barlow to use his pegasi-pulled chariot once every three months so he can visit his family.

Barlow is a human Wizard 3 (War Mage) with the Sage background.

The-Lego-Movie-Character-Poster-EmmetAnd finally Emetrio (based upon Emmet Brickoswki from «The Lego Movie») is the youngest. Looked after by all his brothers, he isn’t sure if he wants to join them in their adventures, but will definitely to take care of them if needed. The closest to his mother, Emetrio is the only one who has taken some interest in her stories, full of angels and divine warriors. After a vision in a dream, she taught him how to unlock his legacy dedicating his life to a higher power.

Emetrio is a human Sorcerer 2 (Divine Soul) with the Acolyte background.

And those are the six Starpritch Brothers. Now I wonder if their dad is preparing to have a seventh son and if he is a seventh son himself.

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