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alphabet (i)The Immortal Sun is a powerful item hidden in Orazca, an ancient metropolis hidden in the uncharted jungles of Ixalan. It is rumored to be more valuable and powerful than any other artifact in existence, promising boundless wealth, the strength of the empire, command over nature, and eternal life. Ironically, its history is in essence one of misuse by mortals.

Another piece of a nefarious puzzle.

The massive stone slab was created ages ago by the ancient sphinx planeswalker Azor. Azor was in league with the Spirit Dragon with whom he had created a plan to trap the nefarious Nicol Bolas on Ixalan. Though the artifact has powerful magical properties (intended for its guardians to keep it safe), its main purpose is to prevent planeswalkers from leaving Ixalan. Azor created the Immortal Sun by imbuing it with his planeswalker’s spark, thus trapping himself as well.

The Immortal Sun once belonged to the kingdom that would one day form the vampiric Legion of Dusk on the continent of Torrezon, where it was kept in a hidden monastery. The power of the artifact inspired the envy of its neighbors and soon, hostile forces attacked the monastery. When the Sun Empire was in possession of the Immortal Sun, they built the incredible city of Orazca and ushered in a new age of prosperity and growth for their people. The Immortal Sun was embedded in the floor of the highest chamber of Metzali, Tower of Triumph. Eventually, one of their emperors used it for evil purposes and as a consequence, Azor caused the Empire to leave the city, which became hidden overgrown by the jungle.

The merfolk River Heralds were then tasked by Azor to defend the Golden City and the Immortal Sun. They believed that no one should control its power and to protect its secrets, they only knew the city’s general area, but not the exact location. They had been making sure no one would get there for centuries.

Much later, Vraska, was tasked by Nicol Bolas to retrieve the artifact for his nefarious purposes off the plane of Ixalan. She travelled together with Jace Beleren, who had lost his memory because of the battle he and the Gatewatch had with Nicol Bolas on Amonkhet before arriving on Ixalan. After Vraska found the Immortal Sun, she summoned Bolas’ henchman Tezzeret, who used the Planar Bridge to spirit the Immortal Sun off the plane. It was revealed that Bolas planned to use the Immortal Sun in his ploy to invade Ravnica, but he actually used it to trap many planeswalkers on that plane in order to harvest their sparks.

Immortal Sun (2)In Dungeons & Dragons

According to legend, the active Sun provides god-like powers when stood upon. When activated, it generates immense heat.

There are few ways to represent «god-like powers» in Dungeons & Dragons, and one of the best ones is the wish spell. The other abilities of the Immortal Sun in the card are designed to make you more powerful and have access to additional resources, so translating them from MtG to D&D is slightly complicated. Let’s tackle them one by one:

  • Players can’t activate planeswalkers’ loyalty abilities. This refers to the Immortal Sun preventing planeswalking. To represent this, we’ll have it create a ward similar to the forbiddance spell. According to the lore, this effect should work on the entire plane, but that is plainly too great an effect in D&D, where most adventures are played in the material plane.
  • At the beginning of your draw step, draw an additional card. This is about casting more spells than usual. If you’re a spellcaster, when you use the Immortal Sun’s powers, you regain a used slot.
  • Spells you cast cost 1 less to cast. This is about spending less energy to power your spells. To represnet this what we’ll do is that if you cast a spell that has an «At higher levels» entry, you always get the first possible effect without the need to use a higher level spell slot.
  • Creatures you control get +1/+1. MtG is all about summoning creatures to fight by your side, but that kind of spells are not very common in D&D’s 5e… until Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything brought several summoning spells. So to get this into the game, if you cast a summoning spell, creatures called forth get one extra HD woth of hit points and deal +2 bonus to damage with their attacks.

In Eberron

The best way to incorporate the Immortal Sun in Eberron is as a dimensional seal. The most powerful one, actually. The Gatekeepers maintain the oldest druidic tradition on Khorvaire. Over fifteen thousand years ago, the green dragon Vvaraak came to the Shadow Marches and gathered followers around her. She had foreseen a cataclysm that only the younger races would be able to avert, and so she taught the orcs how to work with earth and wood, and how to read the future in the movements of the Ring of Siberys. She charged her students to watch for the signs of the great disaster, and always seek to preserve the balance of nature against those forces that would corrupt it from other planes. And to succeed in their mission, she offered the precious Immortal Sun.

How are you planning to incorporate the Immortal Sun? Is it an offensive or defensive means for you? What is it for your nemesis?

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