D is for “Displacer Beast”

They’re not in a box, but they are and they are not until you notice their sharpness. Meet the iconic Displacer Beasts.

C is for “Chimera”

What will breathe fire with one head, roar with a second and ram over you with a third?

A is for “Aboleth”

Don’t be afraid of aboleths: embrace their influence into creating a campaign featuring them.

Nightmares Worth Remembering

The Dementia Invokers from Otaria make their way to D&D 5e The RPG Blog Carnival theme for July 2016 has been entitled “The Ways of the Wise”. With some open-ended questions, Brandes Stoddard from Harbinger of Doom wants us to talk about wizards. I like to think of most wizards as prone to insanity in some way,…