Pecados y Portentos

“Pecados y Portentos” es una campaña de horror gótico emplazada en #Eberron.

Extraordinary Journeys

Ray Bradbury said once “We are all the children of Jules Verne”. Eberron adventurers are about to join the club.

Todas las Almas

Los Gallos cantan al amanecer con la esperanza de despertar el corral, pero los Búhos saben que es todavía tarde en la noche.

The Cat Among the Pigeons

In this second article about Movers and Shakers, I’ll introduce Ravnican Apocalypse in the making.

All Souls

In the first of two articles, we’ll discuss the villains of my campaigns. Let’s welcome the Roosters and the Owls.

The DM wears Prada

Sometimes I need to put my best act together in order to make a good Persuasion check.

Pergaminos & Sangre

Un nuevo volumen de “Codex Anathema” está a punto de empezar. Sigue leyendo si logré captar tu atención con esa frase inicial.

Pirates of the Lhazaar Sea

Let me tell you about a campaign based on Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean”, but set in Eberron.

Analects of War

A Hundred Years is a long time for a campaign… isn’t it?

A Preface

Let’s take Zendikar and place it inside Eberron to create a great campaign. Welcome to “Xen’drikar”!