The Silver Compass


EberronMost fantasy settings have complex pantheons with myriad of greater and lesser deities, but in Eberron most inhabitants follow the Sovereign Host, a group of deities related to each other who never interfere directly in the world. Beyond this, a relatively new faith has been growing in the hearts of one of the nations, one with many similarities to Christianity, considering its history and organization. In both cases, there is no evidence that the gods exist, but anyway their faithful followers are certain in their belief.

There is an additional element to religion in Eberron: corruption. Not many religions can be considered evil in Khorvaire, but all of them can have evil members at some level in their hierarchy. Always remember that in Eberron, nothing is certain, and there are plenty of shades of grey between what is white and black.

OctogramThe Sovereign Host

The Sovereign Host consists of nine gods who as a whole are the most revered by the population of Khorvaire. Most venerate them together, dedicating specific prayers in certain situations according to the sphere of influence of each god. The Sovereign Host’s areas of influence are all related to civilization. Even the two who have some influence on nature have it in their relation to civilized races (agriculture and hunting).

The real reason behind its great popularity is actually proselytism. Carried out during ages, even since before the founding of the Kingdom of Galifar, the clerics of the Sovereign Host turned the various faiths into «local aspects» of the true gods, emphasizing their similarities and minimizing their differences.

Follow the Sovereign Host to place your trust in community, as the group is by far stronger than the individual. As a worshiper, treat others as they deserve to be treated and bring the light of civilization to the darkness of the wilds.

  • The Sovereign Host areas of influence: Agriculture, knowledge, hunt, community, light, honor, courage, trade, fortune, craft.

The_Hexagram_by_Warren_MahyThe Dark Six

According to the oldest traditions, the Dark Six are part of the Sovereign Host. Current dogma states that these six were separated because of their terrible feats and dogmas, however. One theory in particular establishes this schism happened when the goddess Arawai was raped by his brother, who would become The Devourer. The Dark Six represent the darkest aspects of the soul as they relate to the destructive forces of nature without control. Therefore, their worshipers are mostly criminals, villains and monsters.

You may feel a connection to this pantheon if you think revealing your true self is weakness, that nothing is permanent and that mortal minds are not only predictable, but also easily manipulated.

  • The Dark Six areas of influence: Primal wilderness and nature’s destructive forces, including death.

82938The Silver Flame

During the Last War, the people of Thrane determined that the Church to be the leader of the nation. In doing so, Thrane became Khorvaire’s first theocracy (and in a meta level, also the first important theocracy in a fantasy setting, as far as I know). Zealous followers and a powerful artifact (the sword Kloinjer) binding a dangerous demon (the overlord Bel Shalor) provide us enough elements to direct adventures along theological discussions into a frontal battle against the evils that bring suffering to the world.

The abstract force known as the Silver Flame is permanently associated with what Tira Miron was in life. Now immortal, she acts as the Voice of the Flame, intermediary of the divine and the mortal. The Church of the Silver Flame is dedicated to protecting the commons of the supernatural forces from all evil, and because of that it attracts a large number of knights and paladins to its cause. Even with a strict hierarchy, or maybe because of it, the Church is not exempt from corruption.

Be a part of the Silver Flame if you want to destroy evil in all its forms, bring relief to those who suffer and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

  • The Silver Flame areas of influence: Protection, generosity, destruction of evil and the unnatural.

82932The Blood of Vol

The cults that form the Blood of Vol attract followers fascinated with death. The most dedicated revere an ancient lich called herself Vol, Queen of the Dead. All of them are captive of the literal and figurative meaning of blood and even experiment with it by manipulating it to enhance the creation of undead.

During the Last War, the Blood of Vol briefly became the official religion of Karrnath by providing the population with food in the face of famine and an army of zombies and living skeletons in the service of the militia that had been consumed by the plague. Nowadays, the king Kaius III has completely rejected devotion to this cult in the nation.

Often misunderstood, you can follow the Blood of Vol if you believe in yourself and you want to work to improve yourself and your capacities in order to understand divinity within and open the door to immortality.

  • The Blood of Vol areas of influence: Divine power of the blood, immortality, undeath

82934The Cults

The most diverse fanatic sects that revere hidden powers in underground realms are grouped by the few who study them in the category of Cults of the Dragon Below. Some of these sects pretend to be able to free Khyber from the depths of the world, while others traffic in conjured demons from the deepest regions of the underworld. Although few things unite such cults beyond reverence for the occult, there are always those who think they are part of a single conspiracy that seeks to conquer the world.

The Cults areas of influence: Madness, destruction, aberrant creatures, darkness.

How important has been religion been to your Eberron character?

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