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This month, I challenged readers and followers to tell us their stories about customization: a god’s portfolio, a long forgotten spell, the features of a subclass, the powers of a monster, the limits of an artifact… even the details about the creative process behind such element.

April matched the RPG Blog Carnival with the yearly A to Z Challenge… let’s see what we found among both.

Our beloved Lady of Pitfalls and Pixies showed us how to create a variant for classical monsters, giving us examples on how her shadows have become more dangerous for adventurers. On the player’s perspective, she offered us the naiads, a homebrew race and features minor cosmetic changes to some races and classes in the campaign she plays.

Some bloggers joined the challkenge in order to introduce their campaign’s monsters and characters, sometimes even both!

Skokie D&D is a group of gamers from Chicago. The blog is dedicated to their ongoing 4e adventures in The Crimson Empire, their own homebrew campaign.

«In my Campaing», held by the Patrons of Low Fantasy, is a regular in the A-to-Z, having been blogging for this since 2013. The blog, though dates all the way back to 2003, so it’s been a real pleasure to find it, even if I won’t be able to catch up anytime soon!

With an emphasis on Old School Gaming, especially AD&D and B/X Dungeons and Dragons, BlackRazor welcomes us to the Void as he dabbles «a bit in everything else»

Halls of the Nephilim serves a fully alphabetical collection of monsters and how the DM is using them in their campaign.

Finally, the always prolific DM behind the Sea of Stars gave us a varied collection of elements, from magic items and new materials to cultural and economic activities, most of them not only enjoyable but worthy of reading to spark your imagination and expand your own campaign.

Here at Codex Anathema, we dedicated the whole month (except Sundays!) to introduce the stories of M:tG planeswalkers, grabbing some inspiration from each one in order to create some customized content for D&D. What a ride! I even cheated in two entries, which will be completed in the enxt few days as its mechanics were too deep to finish on time.badge

  1. Ajani Goldmane is a leonin.
  2. Bo Levar was a sailor smuggler.
  3. Chandra Nalaar is a Fire Sorcerer.
  4. Dack Fayden casts Psychometric Touch.
  5. Elspeth Tirel wields the Godsend.
  6. Freyalise uses Circle Magic to empower her spells.
  7. Garruk Wildpseaker summons warped creatures.
  8. Huatli rides a dinosaur as a knight.
  9. Kytheon Iora becomes invulnerable through hieromancy.
  10. Jace Beleren casts Mind Blast.
  11. Kaya uses her Spectral Strike.
  12. Liliana Vess wears the the Chain Veil.
  13. Sorin Markov masters Sangromancy.
  14. Narset follows the the Way of the Jeskai.
  15. Ob Nixilis is an Onakke demon.
  16. Planeswalker’s Spark is a new background.
  17. Quo Vadis is a filler.
  18. Nissa Revane diversifies her Circle of the Land.
  19. Sarkhan Vol is a Dragon Shaman.
  20. Teferi specializes in Time Magic.
  21. Ugin teaches us the Ghostfire.
  22. Vivien Reid aims with the Arkbow.
  23. Will Kenrith is a Frost Sorcerer.
  24. Xenagos prepares a Bachanallia.
  25. Mu Yanling personalizes her spells.
  26. Ral Zarek commands the storm with his Accumulator.

And that was it for April. Until next time, keep creating, writing, reading, and of course, rolling.

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